Top 10 Countries That Love America

Find out why the United States is favored.

Top 10 Countries That Love America

Around the world, there isn’t much positive talk about the United States from citizens in other countries. Regardless of your opinion of the current US president, around the world, he is not liked and has not helped our image around the world. But negative views about the US didn’t start with Trump. Current and past White House and Foreign policies have hurt other countries and cause the level of disdain for the US to rise in other countries. But all is not lost for the traveling American, because here are the top 10 countries that love America and still do for many good reasons.

10. Ghana

Ghanaians dancing happily with foreigners
Ghanaians dancing happily with foreigners

You probably weren’t expecting this country to be on the list, but Ghana has had a favorable outlook on the United States and its citizens for quite a long time. The beginning of U.S.-Ghana relations began when Ghana became its own independent country ridding itself of British rule. Many Ghanaians think of a better life and prosperity when they think about living in the US. Ghanian college students also hope to study for a year in the US through their universities.

Amazingly, Ghana also has a program that welcomes back black Americans because of the great separation 400 years ago, and during the slave trade. They do not have the plan for any other country that also went to the slave trade.

9. Vietnam

Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang and US President Obama take part in a joint press at the International Convention Center in Hanoi.
Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang and US President Obama take part in a joint press at the International Convention Center in Hanoi.

Even though the war in Vietnam was only 60 years ago, the US and Vietnam have a healthy relationship that isn’t compromised by the past. When American tourists come to Vietnam, the Vietnamese people are always happy to see them and welcome them into their culture. As well, the United States has several influential Vietnamese groups around the nation that promote the education and work of Vietnamese immigrants.

The Vietnamese government regards America as an essential friend, and not much has changed to upset their view. Like Japan, Vietnam sees China as a threat, and it looks to the US for military help. Currently, the United States is experiencing a boom in Vietnamese food, and the most popular dish is pho.

8. Georgia

Happy women smiling at Tbilisi Georgia
Happy women smiling at Tbilisi, Georgia

Once part of the Soviet Union, Georgia is now, it’s an independent country, and it has chosen the United States as an ally. Through the past two to three decades, Georgia has displayed it’s friendship with the United States time and time again. It was one of the first countries to supply us with soldiers in the war in Iraq. Because of our friendship, Georgia needs the US to become a full-fledged member of NATO, as Georgia already pays more than 2% in defense funds. Georgia also needs our help through the United States to defend against Russian intervention and possible invasion.

7. Ethiopia

Ethiopia's prime minister
Ethiopia’s prime minister

For the past few decades, Ethiopia and America have developed a strong sense of respect for each other, especially as Ethiopia grows and prospers due to American funding and guidance. The US regards Ethiopia highly as well, as it is our most powerful ally in all of Africa. Over four billion dollars for humanitarian efforts come from the United States as a gift for the Ethiopian government and its people. Right now, in Washington DC, and many other cities around the country, some Ethiopians live and work in many industries and actively try to improve how each country communicates with the other as delegates and diplomates.

6. Japan

President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Since the end of World War II, Japan and the United States have been almost inseparable. Each country cares deeply for the other and freely exchanges culture, products, ideas, technology, and tourists. How many people in Japan try to study abroad in the United States as well as South Korea for France and Germany. And nothing tops the cultural exchange like the Japanese media, which entails manga, anime, visual novels, J-dramas, J-pop.

Japanese and American military have also been cooperating more and more since the rise of China and North Korea. Both countries seek to maintain a robust military relationship with each other as well as other smaller countries in the Asian Pacific area that is not already taken by China.

5. Poland

The Polish and Amercian flag waving together
The Polish and American flag waving together

The First European country on this list, Poland, regards the US highly, and the people embrace our entertainment industry. Even the politics of our country are reported on over there as well. The optimistic attitude and can-do spirit are some of the reasons why America is famous among Polish. Polish immigration has been steady since the opening of Ellis Island, and now more than 9 million people of Polish descent live in the U.S. Poland is known as one of the most pro-American countries in Europe, if not the most.

There are currently talks to get a permanent US military base within Poland, but so far, no solid plans, and it looks like the Polish in favor of the station. There has even been a pact to increase the number of military troops from the US in Poland.

4. Israel

Light show displaying both Israeli and Amercian flags side by side
Light show displaying both Israeli and American flags side by side

Because of our long diplomatic history, mutually beneficial political strategies in the Middle East, and a steady number of immigrants to the US, as well as the amount of Jewish Americans in the country, Israel has often viewed themselves as the best friends of the United States. The Israeli people think of the USS as a land of opportunity and a place to become more educated. Likewise, many Americans, who have never traveled or even been out of their state, feel a devotion to Israel that is unlike a commitment to another country.

Most of the US is Christian, and Israel has a special place in the American Christian psyche as the birthplace of Christ. Israel also needs US military help because of their unfortunate position in the Middle East.

3. The Philippines

Amercian and Philippine military members stand side by side
American and Philippine military members stand side by side

The relationship between the United States and the Philippines was strong. It will always be secure, even though each country’s leader’s actions have not helped foster a better relationship these past few years. The current president of the Philippines is looking to China for more than the US for guidance, even before Trump was voted in office. But Filipinos themselves would rather trust the US. The government also accepts many Filipino immigrants that make a great journey over to the US for better educational and work opportunities.

Many Industries rely on Filipino workers, like nursing and business. Even though during this tumultuous time, there are still many immigrants from the Philippines looking forward to making a new and better life here in the US. After becoming established here, new immigrants also bring over their family members so that they may also share in a better experience here.

2. South Korea

Koreans loving Amercia in a parade
Koreans loving America in a parade

Not only does South Korea see us as a vital and essential ally, but its people also have definite opinions on US citizens, our culture, our food, and our entertainment industry. Even in South Korean media, the United States is viewed as a place to prosper, have a fun vacation, and educate students in the best secondary educational systems. The US is known as a wild party country in the media as well. South Korean movies and entertainment try their best to break into US markets, and successful endeavors like the movie Parasite and the song Gangnam Style by Psy only add fuel to the fire. Korean language and culture are also becoming popular among young people in the United States, and Kpop groups are developing fan bases in the US.

1. Kosovo

An Albanian man holds up his daugther as hold the American flag
An Albanian man holds up his daughter as hold the American flag

Last but certainly not least, Kosovo believes it is the number one country that loves the United States. Most Americans would not be able to find this on a map without assistance, but that is okay for most Kosovans. Their love for the United States comes from our involvement in a led on Kosovan soil in the late 1990s. The United States drove away a Serbian Army and prevented the country from being ruled.

They even have a song called Thank You, USA. You’ll find support for the US and Americans all over the country and in no short supply. The few Americans that go over to Kosovo are greeted warmly and with respect. Around the country, Kosovo even has US-themed restaurants, and some Kosovans even name their children after Bill Clinton.


Despite our very low world approval, which is around 30%, it’s good to know some countries still do like this. Many people at home believe that we should not concern ourselves with the opinions of other countries, but we are the world leader, and it is essential to know how we are viewed around the world. Perhaps with the next president, we will see a rise in world approval. But until then, maybe Americans travel around and abroad as tourists can improve the US’s rating one meeting at a time. This is because many people in many countries around the world like Americans but do not like the actions of the US government.

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