Top 10 Reasons Why Healthcare Should Be Free

Why healthcare should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

Do we think proper and professional health care is a privilege? Given the current circumstances around the globe, it won’t be a surprise if we call it an opportunity when originally, it isn’t. It’s essential, and it’s the fundamental right of every human that we need to provide. It is crucial to ensure proper medical care is offered to every individual without any financial restraints for the better of humanity. In this article, we’ll discuss these reasons why healthcare should be free alongside its benefits to the world.

Providing free health care to the public isn’t easy. It asks for a lot of finances and policies to distribute all the healthcare sources between the people equally. Let take an in-depth ten most essential points that make it necessary for everyone to have access to a proper health care system and why the world needs to consider making medical attention completely free.

10. Nobody Gets Left Out

Top view of hands touching puzzle heart pieces
Top view of hands touching puzzle heart pieces

With a free health care system, our medical department won’t be leaving anybody out. Everyone will get medical attention to equity. In modern times, medical checkup has become a privilege; our paramedics charge a lot, which is way out of the budget for people living under the middle-class line. To ensure everybody gets the treatment they need, our medical departments need to strategize their finances and provide the public with proper health care without leaving anybody out.

9. No One Deserves to Go Bankrupt Paying Hospital Bills

Couple arguing about high bills with laptop documents
Couple arguing about high bills with laptop documents

As mentioned above, currently, our healthcare departments are costly. Those who do not have insurance cannot even think about affording a needed surgery. It makes it very difficult for the sick to understand what there are options because they are not left with any. So, to make things easier, proposing a budget and making healthcare facilities affordable can do the trick. Introducing new policies like paying in installments and or not paying at all can make the people relieved when they are sick.

8. It Can Stop Viruses

Young family medical masks during home quarantine
Young family medical masks during the home quarantine

When everyone in a community gets treated for an ailment they were suffering from; you will be able to control many viral diseases such as HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS spreads when the affected person goes undetected and then untreated. Most people who have AIDS don’t even know about it, and neither take necessary precautions, so it doesn’t spread. This is major because medical treatment is out of their budget, so they keep on living their lives while spreading a hazardous disease to not just their health but also to the people they come in contact with. Having a free health care system will somehow be able to get these patients detected in time and provide them with proper care.

7. Health Transforms Economies and Communities

Group people hugging each other park
Group people hugging each other park

Every penny spent in providing free healthcare can turn into an investment in a few years. Families who have to spend dollars and dollars on health can rather spend it on their kids’ education or set up a business that will provide a full-term profit. In this way, it would be a wise step, given how millions of dollars are spent on something by families with nothing in return.

6. Health Is Not a Privilege

Having access to a proper healthcare system isn’t a privilege. It’s a right, and nobody should be deprived of it based on their financial status, caste, and ethnicity. Having access to proper health and medical attention is a fundamental human right. Everyone should have access to it to improve humanity’s progress for the future further. We should ensure we are providing people with the things they need the most, including treatments of the diseases that cause suffering.

5. The Interference of the Insurance Industry

Young girl is sitting office desk is using calculator
A young girl is sitting office desk is using a calculator

When it comes to deciding treatment for the patients, it should arrive according to what the doctor prescribes, not according to what the insurance company deems fit. Since healthcare in most developed countries is so expensive, people have to opt for health insurance. Once they do, the insurance company decides what deems fit for the patient according to their billing plan. A patient will not be denied services because of not knowing a previously underlying disease by having a free health care system.

4. Choice of Physician

reasons why healthcare should be free doctor advises patient while sitting clinic
reasons why healthcare should be free doctor advises the patient while sitting clinic

Most of the private plans that people have to go to restrict them from choosing a physician of their liking or the person they might feel comfortable with. This is another reason why we need free health care system so that the patient can have a say between choosing the physician he is most satisfied with.

3. No Uniform Benefits

Arranging wood cube stacking with icon healthcare medical
Arranging wood cube stacking with icon healthcare medical

With the distinction between private and government healthcare systems, you will find a vast difference between how they operate and treat their patients. While people would spend millions on the private health sector, the government doctors are not provided with their deserved incomes, and patients also suffer. By combining resources and working on the same platform to provide free medical care, people will have equal benefits without any difference in being poor or rich.

2. Unemployed People Will Benefit

Because of financial restraints, unemployed people suffer the most. They do not have any health insurance, usually. Because of that, they are deprived of having even primary medical care. If the government comes up with a free healthcare system for all, those who are unemployed will benefit from it and won’t have to worry about their lives.

1. Stability

reasons why healthcare should be free team doctors standing together hospital premises
reasons why healthcare should be free team doctors standing together hospital premises

When a country is continuously going through healthcare departmental issues, it will never be able to thrive. With a proper and well-resourced health care system, the physicians and the department itself will thrive for more and come up with more eco-friendly ways to help people have a better and healthy lifestyle.

What Do You Think?

What are your opinions on the reasons why healthcare should be free? What do you think about the benefits and reasons above? We’d like to know! Comment below and tell us your thoughts.

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