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  • Foods with Magnesium

    Top 11 Foods with Magnesium (Cheap Options)

    Why is Magnesium Important to Eat? Magnesium is extremely important because it regulates the metabolism of other minerals, nerves, bones and many other functions in your body. Magnesium also helps to keep blood pressure normal and prevent heart disease. It controls your level of cholesterol by keeping triglycerides low. Magnesium is essential for bone health, […] More

  • Foods With High Zinc Content

    10 Foods With High Zinc Content

    The right amount of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants is important to every individual’s health. But many people don’t know exactly what kind of nutrients they need and how each nutrient affects them. That is because the educational system does not teach them the basics of nutrition. I’m not surprised, since long ago they also […] More