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Top 10 Hospitals in the World

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A hospital is where people in need of medical attention go to. As such, a person should make sure that they are in good hands, especially if serious illnesses are concerned. With the many hospitals all over the world, it can be painfully difficult to find the best one, especially since there are many considerations and factors to determine which one is really “best”. Oftentimes, it is a combination of the facilities, doctors, and specializations that would dictate whether a particular establishment is good or not.

Here is a list of what we can say are the top ten hospitals in the world. If you visit the hospitals on this list, then you can be comforted by the fact that you are incapable of hands and that the treatment that you will get will be top-notch.

10. The Mayo Clinic, USA

The Mayo Clinic

Founded in 1864 in Rochester, Minnesota, the Mayo Clinic is one of the most well-known healthcare systems in the United States, if not the world. It has constantly ranked among the best hospitals in the US for the past three decades. The Mayo Clinic is home not only to medical practitioners but also to medical students and researchers. In fact, over 7,000 research articles came from the center, focusing on areas such as disease processes, best practices, and various others that aim to help the medical community worldwide.

9. Bumrungrad International Hospital, Thailand

Bumrungrad International Hospital, Thailand

A world-class hospital with five-star hotel-like accommodations, Bumrungrad International is a primarily English speaking medical center that caters to over a million patients each year. The hospital specializes in over 30 areas, which is why medical tourists make this one of their first stops when looking for medical care abroad. Found in Bangkok, Bumrungrad International Hospital is also considered as the biggest hospital in Southeast Asia.

8. Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

Singapore General Hospital sees over a million patients each year. Like the Mayo Clinic, the Singapore Health Center also specializes in research and education for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. This hospital is also one of the most advanced around when it comes to patient-hospital interaction through its Health Buddy app which makes scheduling appointments, paying bills, ordering medicine, and finding a doctor, among others, a breeze.

7. John Hopkins Hospital, USA

John Hopkins Hospital, USA

Hands down the most famous hospital in the world, John Hopkins Hospital sees over three million patients each year. This is the place to be to get treated for and to learn about cardiology as the best doctors have either studied or worked here. Considered as the gold standard of hospitals, John Hopkins Hospital has consistently been rated top in the list of the world’s best hospitals for decades. This pertains to research and education as well, not just clinical care.

6. University of Tokyo Hospital, Japan

University of Tokyo Hospital, Japan

Tokyo University Hospital has been in operation for over 160 years. This establishment is considered to be one of the most advanced in the world, and over 20% of their patients are either under the age of nine or over eighty years of age. This is also one f the best places for research, with over 35 clinical trials already completed. As Japan is known for its respect and discipline, patients can be ensured of a clean environment and top-notch medical care.

5. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, USA

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, USA

Not only is St. Jude one of the best hospitals in the world when it comes to pediatric care, but it is also free. The hospital is run by donations provided by private individuals and companies, but the quality of their care is never compromised. In fact, they have contributed significantly to increasing the survival rates of children with cancer over the years. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is open to both US and foreign residents while also providing opportunities for medical students to learn and complete their studies.

4. Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

Found in Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital is home to eleven Nobel Prize winners. It is also at the forefront of research to find a vaccine for AIDS, among other goals. The hospital, in addition, is one of the most advanced with one of the best software for patient record monitoring that was developed from the ground up in-house. It is also the third oldest general hospital in the United States and admits around 50,000 patients each year.

3. Toronto General Hospital, Canada

Toronto General Hospital, Canada

Toronto General Hospital is the largest organization for medical research in Canada. It is also home to the first triple organ transplant, as well as the first single and double lung transplants. Another specialty within the hospital is cardiology, with the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre being one of the best in Canada and in North America. 

2. Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Taiwan

Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Taiwan

Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital can be found in Taiwan, and it is one of the best places to get treated for neurological diseases. The hospital is also at the forefront of stem cell research and treatment. In addition to these, they also specialize in other services such as cancer and stroke treatment, organ transplants, spinal surgeries, and many more. The hospital offers free services to the poor as well as in areas affected by calamities abroad.

1. Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland

Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland

The Lausanne University Hospital serves over 45,000 patients a year. The specialization includes obstetrics, psychiatry, and infectious diseases. In fact, vaccine trials for the Ebola virus were done here. Lausanne University Hospital is also one of the best places for research and training, and they even publish their own magazine that is available to the general public.

These are the top ten hospitals in the world that you can go to. They have the best doctors, facilities, and training that will help treat your conditions and improve your quality of life. Of course, nothing beats a healthy lifestyle such as a good diet and plenty of exercise to ensure good health. In any case, it is nice to know that there are hospitals such as these that can cater to your medical needs if and when necessary.

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