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  • Pile of money

    20 Must Read Books about Money(New and Old Classics)

    We are living in an age where financial literacy has never been important. People do not know how to handle their money, they get into debt because of poor budgeting and end up paying high-interest rates on their credit cards. Personal finance books can help you get started with your personal finances by giving you […] More

  • supplements

    3 Popular Supplements You Are Taking Wrong

    The world of fitness and supplements seems to be a never-ending branching path of recommendations and retractions. Some products seem to stand the test of time and are always on the top of health-conscious lists. But like with most things, the devil is in the details and you can be throwing away hard-earned money and […] More

  • Victorian couple



    27 Victorian Terms of Endearment

    The Victorian Era spanned from the early-mid 1800s until Queen Victoria’s death in 1901. In that time, a considerable amount of slang terms of endearment were used throughout all classes and demographics. Back in the Victorian Era, a complicated set of rules and laws were put in place to guide the masses on what was […] More

  • Zoo animal

    11 Of The Most Dangerous Zoo Animals

    What Makes A Caged Animal Dangerous? People might be surprised to find out that some of the most dangerous animals in zoos, including lions and crocodiles, normally pose no threat to humans. They might make a run at you if they feel threatened or cornered, but they typically do not strike out on their own. […] More

  • Foods with Magnesium

    Top 11 Foods with Magnesium (Cheap Options)

    Why is Magnesium Important to Eat? Magnesium is extremely important because it regulates the metabolism of other minerals, nerves, bones and many other functions in your body. Magnesium also helps to keep blood pressure normal and prevent heart disease. It controls your level of cholesterol by keeping triglycerides low. Magnesium is essential for bone health, […] More

  • Ball lightning illustration

    Your Burning Questions About Ball Lightning Answered

      Image credit – Wikipedia Ball Lightning or Globe Lightning is hands down one of nature’s most mysterious phenomena. It has mystified us for centuries and still to this day little is know about it. All we know is it usually appears during thunderstorms as a floating glowing sphere and can be a range of […] More