Top 10 Foods Highest in Taurine

If you’re wondering which foods are highest in taurine, take a look at them.

Taurine is a tiny little nutrient not easily found in our regular food. It’s most likely an amino acid but isn’t really considered to be one by the biochemists. Still, a fair amount of it is found in our body, which clearly means that it has some important roles. This article will discuss the types the top 10 foods highest in taurine and its benefits from a to z.

10. Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer's Yeast
Brewer’s Yeast

The last food on our list that is highest in taurine is brewer’s yeast. It is also very rich in taurine and is readily used in various foods. Brewer’s yeast is not commonly eaten slightly used as an ingredient in bread and beer production. Bread is another typical food used in breakfast, so you have another option to fill your intake of taurine from.

9. Seaweed

Close up of a womans hand eating green seaweed with red chopsticks
Close up of a woman’s hand eating green seaweed with red chopsticks

Taurine is also found in abundance in the Japanese seaweed. Another food that some may not snack on commonly but still, seaweed is packed with taurine. But in case you’re not fond of seaweed, any other food on this list will do the trick for you. We know how so many people don’t like seaweed at all, and it is hard for them to develop its taste, which is precisely why other food options will come to your rescue.

8. Liver

Liver kebab with fat and onions on a wooden board
Liver kebab with fat and onions on a wooden board

Another food that is very rich in taurine is organ meat. The liver and heart are precisely very high in taurine and provide the eater with an ample amount. The heart also contains taurine, but we know how difficult it is for some people to consume, so we suggested you go for a liver. Most people enjoy eating lamb liver, so apart from enjoying a good meal, you will also benefit from having unidentified amino acids in your system.

7. Most of the Dairy Products

Top view dairy products
Top view dairy products

Whether you love yogurt or custard or want to have ice-cream or milk, almost every dairy product contains taurine, which means you will have some other benefit of eating an ice-cream besides fulfilling your sugar cravings. Dairy products such as yogurt and milk are highest in taurine. Milk contains 70mg of taurine, whereas yogurt contains 55mg of taurine. Bring both of these foods into your daily intake and trust us when we say, you will be battling taurine deficiency with utmost resilience.

6. Eggs

Woman in white shirt holding brown eggs in her hands
Woman in white shirt holding brown eggs in her hands

We all know that the most common breakfast in the world has eggs in various forms. Eggs are an essential part of our day because they drastically boost our immune system and provide us with a critical protein amount. But what makes it even better is that it contains a massive amount of taurine. We are sure you didn’t know about that, and it is how we know that all the Americans do get their fair share of taurine every day.

5. Dark Chicken Meat

Plate of dark chicken meat
A plate of dark chicken meat

We know how some people might think that dark meat isn’t healthy. Still, according to studies, it is way more nutritious than white meat, especial for people with cardiovascular diseases. Along with being healthy, dark chicken meat also contains a very healthy taurine amount that you won’t find in white chicken meat. Taurine is also known for lowering down the potential risk of coronary heart diseases in people with cholesterol.

4. Lamb

Grilled lamb chop
Grilled lamb chop

Lamb is another food that contains the highest amount of taurine. People who have high blood pressure and heart problems prefer eating lamb instead of beef, which is why this would be an excellent option for them to fill this hardly found amino acid. Lamb contains more than 60mg of taurine, which is more than what beef contains. This food is also vastly preferred by doctors worldwide for its health benefits and how it doesn’t cause more trouble for the people who already face underlying diseases. So, if you happen to meet any of the issues mentioned above and want a replacement for seafood and beef, then lamb would be an excellent option for you.

3. Beef

Two grilled marbled beef steaks striploin
Two grilled marbled beef steaks striploin

Beef is another natural resource that contains taurine in abundance. We have all known taurine to be an unappreciative amino acid, but it is found in great abundance. Unlike seafood, some people don’t like eating; consuming beef won’t be a problem, especially since it won’t be raw. Beef is an excellent source for taurine. A steak will contain more than 55mgs of taurine, which is more than what shellfish offers. Taurine is not found in plants, so it’s best to combine it with meats to fulfill a diet.

2. Salmon

Raw salmon fillet
Raw salmon fillet

Fish are also a great source of taurine, especially salmon. Salmon is seafood that almost everyone eats and enjoys. Most of the cold-water fish contain taurine in a capacity of 30-40mg. You can easily find this raw fish in most restaurants as sushi and is served nicely. You will not find any dietary requirements to follow to consume taurine. Still, it has been noticed that almost every American consumes more than 200mg of taurine daily.

1. Shellfish

Freshly cooked crayfish crab and shrimp with herbs
Freshly cooked crayfish crab and shrimp with herbs

Shellfish is by far the most abundant food in taurine. As mentioned before, it is seafood, one that is readily available and provides you with enough taurine to counteract against its deficiency in your body. You will find high taurine levels, especially in shrimp, seafood, that we all love. A raw shrimp contains more than 50mg of taurine, but you need to keep one thing in mind, taurine is easily destroyed by cooking your food too much. So, go for it, but we would suggest that you only grill or steam your food a little so you don’t end up destroying the nutrient you need to most.

What do you think?

So these are the top 10 foods highest in taurine. We know how previously you must have thought that it was challenging to have taurine in your daily intake. Still, seeing all the foods that this little amino acid is found in, we are sure you would be so much relieved and now will plan your intake accordingly. Tell us what you think about this list and if you have any recommendations in this same regard. We hope this article has been helpful to you, and now you can quickly figure out the recipe you would like to give to your pet.

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