Top 10 Foods With High Water Content

Water-rich foods that help you stay hydrated?

We rely on water to stay hydrated, and we know that it is there for us when we need it. But sometimes, drinking water to stay hydrated is boring. That may sound like a first-world problem, but it is not exciting to drink the same liquid repeatedly. And for some people, the feeling of plain water makes them gag. So how can we stay hydrated without relying on a single cup of water? The answer is in the food that we eat.

The top 10 foods with high water content have enough water to keep you hydrated, so if you jump down on these instead, it will be as hydrating as chugging a cup of flavorless water. So next time you are playing sports or going for a hike, pack some of these treats along with your trusty water bottle.

1. Jello

cup of red jello

Water content: 99%

Who doesn’t love jello? An easy and simple snack that can be modified and enjoyed to your liking, Jell-O, or gelatin, is the one food on this list that is 99% water. To make gelatin, you will need to mix hot and cold water with a package of thickening gelatin flavor.

One of the reasons jello is always available in retirement and hospice homes is that it is a very hydrating dessert. Preventing dehydration in elderly people is more of a problem than you would expect, but gelatin works wonders.

2. Cucumber

close up of cucumber slices

Water content: 96%

This refreshing vegetable is much love in the summer, almost as much as the watermelon. Cucumber is a vegetable that is mostly water with a little bit of water-soluble fiber. If cut into slices, it can be placed into drinks, salads, or eaten as an extremely light snack.

3. Eggplant

raw eggplants

Water content: 92.7%

This massive vegetable is a common food worldwide, But working and cooking with it take a while to get the hang of. Eggplant is used in many different types of cuisines, and there are many different variations of it. It doesn’t have a light flavor like zucchini or cucumber.

Whether you dare to eat it raw or you decide to roast it in the oven, eggplant has a very overt and obvious flavor. But another thing that eggplant also has is a lot of water. Whenever you work with eggplant, expect the first step to slice the eggplant into pieces and then sprinkle salt on top of it.

The salt sprinkled on top and around the eggplant helps draw out the water trapped inside the vegetable. You don’t want to skip this critical step, or you’ll have a very soggy meal on your plate.

4. Watermelon

Watermelond slices

Water content: 92%

There’s nothing more refreshing and delicious than biting into a cold piece of watermelon on a hot summer day. The unbelievably flavorful juices of the watermelon quench your thirst and your palate as it rehydrates you and provides you a little sweetness to get some pep in your step. It is no wonder why watermelon is one of the most popular foods during the hot weather months.

5. Cauliflower

Rainbow of organic cauliflower

Water content: 92%

You may not think that cauliflower is a vegetable with a high water content since it is thick and grainy, but it is true. We were just as surprised as you are now to learn that its water content is over 92%! That is a higher water content than a human being! The best way to unlock all that moisture is by roasting cauliflower in slices.

6. Celery

stalk of celery

Water content: 90%

For a vegetable over 90% water, you would think that celery would not have such a strong flavor or texture. But it does, and if you work with celery the right way, it will enrich your food and bring joy to your palette.

Because it is so crunchy, it is no surprise that celery is often used when dieters want to eat chips. All a dieter needs to do is add a little lemon and spice to this crunchy vegetable, and their palette is satiated for the meantime.

7. Tomatoes

Green yellow red tomatoes hanged plants

Water content: 90%

The tomato is one of the juiciest vegetables available, and its delectable red juices are important in many sauces and soups.

If you have a light hankering for a sandwich, you cannot forget to add tomato, as it adds a nice tangy flavor, and its juices will provide a little moisture if there is not enough spread.

With 95% water content in each tomato, including tomatoes in a salad is also a great way to balance greens and croutons.

8. Zucchini

Fresh whole and sliced zucchini

Water content: 90%

Few soft vegetables are as versatile as the zucchini. They have very little flavor, so they can be added to any type of food. Some people even know how to make bread that contains zucchini in it! Whenever chefs have to work zucchini, they have to remove all of the excess water from it to not ruin their recipe.

But as long as you cook it correctly, no one will know that there is zucchini in your recipe. You can even fool little kids who hate eating vegetables! Zucchini is packed with fiber as well, so it can support your daily fiber intake.

9. Grapefruit

close up grapefruit slices

Water content: 88%

Grapefruit conjures up many different feelings in people, mostly ranging from disgust to mild enjoyment. But if you ever want to add a little flavor to your water or you want something refreshing on a hot summer day, reach for a grapefruit. It is more than 95% water and contains some electrolytes, so you will be hydrated and ready to face the rest of the hot summer day.

10. Pineapples

pineapple slices

Water content: 87%

Tangy, sweet, and full of juice, pineapple is another great summer food on this list. It is surprising that very few people just like pineapple since if you eat a lot of it, you can find that your tongue feels fuzzy and raw the next day.


Staying hydrated isn’t just about drinking eight glasses of water a day. That might be the easiest way, but it certainly isn’t the most creative. Make sure to add the different fruits and vegetables on this list into your meals and drinks. It’s certainly better than drinking plain water!

What do you think? Which food do you enjoy the most and why? Are there any foods with high water content that’s not on this list? Comment below!

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