10 Reasons Why Lying is Good

Lying can be wrong, unless you do it for your own benefit such as….

We all grew up with a constant reminder that lying is wrong. As a child, we tell lies and fibs to see if we can get away with it. In some cases, we immediately felt terrible, and in others, we feel good about lying. Generally, lying is deemed unacceptable, but everyone has tried to lie to benefit themselves. So here are ten reasons why lying is good for you or others.

1. Lying can save your life

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Would you lie to save your life? Many would if your life was threatened. If you were faced with a killer and needed to tell a lie to get out of that situation, you would probably do so. You’ll say anything or do anything to preserve your life. This is also known as the “fight or flight” response, where you would confront the threat (“fight”) or leave as quickly as possible (“flight”). When in “flight,” you may lie to get out of the danger as soon as possible.

2. Lying can save someone from hurting

Even though we don’t admit it, we lie so our friends or partner won’t have to know the truth so that they would not get hurt if our actions hurt them in the end. We try to save them from heartbreaks with our lies. We tell them they’ll be fine, that they’ll feel better in no time, but the truth is that we don’t know when they’ll feel better but want to make them feel good even for just a second.

3. We lie to avoid awkward situations

A group of happy office workers
A group of happy office workers

There might be a party coming up, and people are excited, and you don’t want to go even if your friends push you to go. Or, your boss or co-workers is having a get-together after work and they’ve invited you. In these situations, you may lie and tell them that you have something planned to avoid going to their outing. You might also lie if you don’t want to be face to face with a person you don’t like so that your day won’t be ruined.

4. Lying will get you what you want

You might be eyeing a new bag, a gadget, or clothes, but your parents or partner might get in the way. What do you do? You lie and tell them it’s inexpensive, or you badly need it even if you don’t actually need it. Lying is not reserved for only physical items. Still, you can lie in our resume to get an advantage and increase your chances of getting a job.

5. Lying will save you from punishment

A man being interrogated
A man being interrogated

Let’s all be honest and admit that once in our lives, we have actually lied to avoid punishment. We can say that we were not the ones who broke our parent’s things or were not the ones to break the rules even if we actually did. This lie can save us from the consequences of our actions, even though it may not be morally correct.


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6. We often lie to please ourselves

When we are hurting or having a hard time, we tend to lie to ourselves, saying that we are okay. If you’ve ever heard of the term, “fake it til you make it,” lying to yourself can actually make you feel better. For instance, if you’re in a bad mood and put on a fake smile, you may feel better by smiling. Also, you can lie to get away with the act of lying. This will make you feel better about yourself because you’ve won the situation.

7. Lying gets us out of trouble

Teenager holds a beer behind his back in front of his father
A teenager holds a beer behind his back in front of his father

When we are in a bad situation, sometimes we can lie and act like we don’t know anything to get ourselves out of that situation. Maybe because of the reputation we uphold, or if we are scared to face the consequences, we lie to save ourselves.

8. Lying can free us from explanations

Ever had a person that talked too much, and you didn’t want to hear it? Such as your parents, boss, or friends? You’ll make up a lie to get out of that situation and save you time.

9. Lying can make us look good

We can lie about our credentials when we really want a specific job, or look good in front of your peers. Sometimes, with these small lies, we make ourselves look better and smarter in front of other people. We do this to boost our confidence or gain popularity.

10. Lying can save relationships

A man looking at his girlfriends phone
A man looking at his girlfriend’s phone

Whether it may be family, friends, or even your partner, a little bit of lying can help save a relationship you have. It might sound harsh, but a lot of people do this, especially if they know they can lose someone they care for or love if they tell the truth. But in the long run, this probably is not a good tactic.

What Do You Think?

Lying is not altogether pleasant. When we often lie, we could be surprised by the cause and effect of our actions. If it means saving someone from hurting or lying for the wrong reasons, make sure you have thought of the consequences you and the people around you will face. Every person may lie, and it’s up to the person to make the correct judgment on whether to lie. What do you think about these reasons why lying is good?

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