Top 10 Amazing Facts About Coffee

While we date back to the history of coffee, we came to know that an Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi founded coffee during the 15th century. While herding, his goat’s consumed beans from a coffee plant and some changes were observed in their behavior. They were unable to sleep at night and their energy levels were raised. Kaldi discussed this incident with other local priests and they made a drink out of that beans and consumed. After consuming, they did not sleep the whole night and felt fresh. Hence, they shared the news with other priests of Ethiopia and then the finding came into limelight in Ethiopia. On a different note, some give the credit of discovering coffee to a doctor-priest named Sheikh Omar. Therefore, we can say the coffee originated from Ethiopia.

While waking up in the morning one cannot commence his day without having a cup of coffee. Some people are literally crazy after coffee. It is needless to say that the consumption of coffee is not good for health rather it has its own benefits. Consuming a cup of coffee in the morning not only enhances your energy level but also rejuvenates throughout the whole day. It has been observed that it prevents us against various diseases, such as diabetes, liver infections, and cardiac arrest.  But, besides health, there are even more interesting facts about coffee.

It was clearly seen in ancient times that people used to visit the houses of their relatives and friends for having a cup of coffee and initiating a discussion on various issues. Mentioned below is the description of the top 10 amazing facts about coffee.

1. Second-Largest Commodity in the World

Coffee beans as a world map
Coffee beans as a world map

Coffee is the second largest commodity in the world which is traded, the first being the oil. This is also documented in various reports that have been produced, numerous websites, academic theories, etc. In recent times, Starbucks, one of the famous chains of coffee houses and companies backed the evidence of coffee being the second-largest producer of the world. It is one of the most preferred beverages by coffee lovers and consumed in larger volumes.

2. Coffee Is Grown Only in the State of America – Hawaii

Coffee plantations by the coast Kauai
Coffee plantations by the coast Kauai

Hawaii is the only state of America where coffee is grown. Various factors, such as high elevations, hot climates, and fertile soil, are directly attributed to the production of good coffee. The Hawaiian people greatly recognize the slight softness of the coffee. Kona coffee gives such a rich aroma and due to the fact prices have drastically gone up in the market currently and this, in turn, has made it one of the best and costly coffees all over the globe.

3. Olympic Athletes Facilitated by Coffee

Young disabled athlete woman with prosthetic leg drinking out of a canister
Young disabled athlete woman with prosthetic leg drinking out of a canister

In recent times, permission has been granted to Olympic athletes to consume a cup of coffee before participating in competitions. During the period 1984-2004, high absorptions of caffeine from Olympic events was prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency. It is very difficult to assess the usage of caffeine through blood because of its being absorbed at diverse rates. The nervous system is inspired by the consumption of caffeine which, in turn, lessens tiredness and lethargicness. As per the findings of the research studies, intake of coffee has enriched the performance of workout performance; and escalated the strength of the muscles. It is kind of a performance booster for athletes.

4. Coffee Debarred in Mecca

Happy Middle Eastern businesswoman with coffee
Happy Middle Eastern businesswoman with coffee

The consumption of coffee was deferred in the 15th century in Mecca and the head of state passed orders o penalize the drinkers of coffee, take hold of and abolish the stock available with them. It was believed that due to excessive usage of coffee, some people are not able to concentrate on their work properly and deviating themselves from worshipping God. This is a clear indication that they are addicted to coffee. Therefore, it is advisable to read the ill-effects of coffee consumption and put an end to those practices which deteriorates the body. It is a mantra of life to maintain a balance of everything.

5. Coffee is a Fruit?

Coffee cup with a coffee bean question
Coffee cup with a coffee bean question

Coffee is grown on trees like fruit. These are in reality the seeds of the fruit similar to red cherries in spite of it being called coffee beans. There are two main kinds of beans that are available in red and green. One is carried away by the rich aroma of red beans which has a small number of acids and utilized to yielding brighter coffees. Coffee beans become healthier when they are roasted for a long duration.

6. Coffee vs. an iPhone X

Happy black girl at cafe listening to music and drinking coffee
Happy black girl at the cafe listening to music and drinking coffee

An American is usually spending a huge amount of money on consuming coffee. If we take out an average of Consumption of coffee than it is very near to the cost of a new iPhone. As you are already aware that iPhones are very costly but they are less expensive than coffee. The young generation is spending a hefty amount of money on coffee in comparison to old persons.

7. Quality Enhancement of Coffee by Fairtrade

Roasted coffee beans
Roasted coffee beans

Fairtrade coffee is very expensive. Most of the coffee farmers spend a huge sum to improve output and enhance excellence. Over a period of three years, coffee products that are certified by Fairtrade have grabbed many awards and recognition.

8. The Word “Expresso” and Instant Coffee

Espresso machinery pouring freshly brewed coffee
Espresso machinery pouring freshly brewed coffee

The word espresso originates from Italy. It means to ‘express’ or ‘force’. Expresso is prepared by pushing very warm water by using excellently crushed, condensed coffee. It is very strong in comparison to black coffee and raises energy levels to a maximum and high range of alertness than a normal coffee does.

There is a misconception that instant coffee has its own negative effects on health. It comprises less amount of caffeine in comparison to normal coffee but along with many similar anti-oxidants. If we see an overall picture, then we come to the conclusion that instant coffee is a healthy drink with low calories providing the same benefits which a normal or regular coffee is offering.

9. Coffee Lovers in Europe and ‘Big Four’

Young woman with coffee at outdoor cafe
Young woman with coffee at an outdoor cafe

Europeans consider that having a cup of coffee in the morning is everything they look for. They consume one cup in the morning and the other along with lunch and the third one in the evening and then again during the night. There are various kinds of beans available in the market. Whether one is at the office or home, reading a newspaper, spending quality time with family and friends, the much-needed coffee is the center of attraction. Coffee is imported more by Europe in comparison to the USA as per the International Coffee Association. The leading exporter country of coffee is none other than Brazil.

Kraft, P&G, Sara Lee, and Nestle, which are known as ‘Big Four’ companies involved in the roasting of coffee, purchase more than 60 percent of the coffee which is being grown all over the globe.

10. Costly Coffee

Coffee beans with props for making coffee
Coffee beans with props for making coffee

The most costly coffee all over the globe is ‘Kopi Luwak’ which originates from Indonesia. It is prepared from beans processed from the Civet Asian Palm. It has been observed that in order for coffee to stay hot for a longer period, one should add cream into it. There are two kinds of coffees: one is Arabica which originated from the Arabian Peninsula and the other one is Robusta coffee which contains a huge quantity of caffeine.

As per sources, an Arab woman divorced her husband because he disliked her habit of drinking coffee. Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the famous and renowned musicians of Germany, who also holds expertise in playing piano, is an ardent coffee lover. He always counts beans before preparing his beverage.


It is quite evident from the above that there are so many amazing facts associated with coffee. Many companies, whether they are big or small, are into the production and trading of coffee. Two major factors that have helped these companies establish and enhance competition in the unpredictable market of producing and trading coffee are developments and technology.

The culture of coffee is undergoing significant changes every day and it entirely depends upon the discretion of coffee lovers as they always explore new means to enjoy their preferred cup of coffee. Nowadays, the latest trend followed by many people is to opt for green coffee which is very effective in weight loss and rising energy levels. Various methods have been developed in line with the new requirements, but more still needs to do. Hence, there is a need to conduct further research in the area of coffee production and distribution.

Many people prefer coffee to tea as the most concrete cause is the people who consume coffee are much more relaxed in comparison to the people who drink tea. Drinking coffee keeps them awake and it is widely preferred during the winter season. People prefer to have coffee at the meetings/social gatherings/discussions whether they like to have it or not as this ultimately results in the inclination to consume coffee and slowly they become addicted to it. Coffee lovers opine that they drink coffee to get rejuvenated and relaxed.

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