10 Reasons Why Marijuana Shouldn’t Be Legal

Over the years, endless discussions are held to dispute whether Marijuana should be legalized. Those who support its legalization fail to understand the negative consequences marijuana can have on people. Smoking is a bad habit that destroys how the body works. And even though, marijuana comes in so many forms today, it will still have effects in the body – both physical and psychological.

There is certainly a reason why pot was made illegal at first. And there are other reasons why it should not be permitted. Here is why its legalization is opposed.

1. It Is Extremely Addictive

Two pretty hippies
Two pretty hippies

The reason why alcohol and tobacco are legal is that people have become too dependent on them. But the addiction between these two and cannabis is different. Marijuana is extremely addictive. Those who have used it before usually want to get that HIGH feeling back. Under the 1970 Act in Controlled Substances, cannabis is classified to be very addictive with a high potential of being abused. It will also take up to 12 days to eliminate THC out of the body’s system.

2. Cannabis Destroys How the Brain Works

Marijuana is considered even worse than cigarettes. A study done by Northwestern University has found that pot users have poor memory and abdominal brain structure. The drug can also cause symptoms like schizophrenia. The effects become even worse the younger the person starts abusing it. Furthermore, taking cannabis can lead to acute adverse mental issues.

3. It Changes How People View You

Take a look at how potheads are portrayed in movies. They are seen as harmless people, who love fun, giggle at anything and they are always munching on something. Most of them are flanking in school since they can’t concentrate on their studies. Others are unemployed and spend all their money on buying pot. This is not so far different from real-life potheads. Abusing Marijuana changes your public image. No employer wants to hire someone who is a pothead and can’t concentrate on their work. Moreover, marijuana is often linked to drug cartels, hippies, and losers.

4. Public Safety

It is not just people using cannabis that can get affected. Those not using it are affected more. First, more people will become second-hand smokers if marijuana is legalized. This will increase exposure to EPA-declared carcinogens.

Secondly, driving under the influence of marijuana will increase road accidents. High THC levels lead to cognitive impairments to drivers. Cannabis impairs the ability to judge distance, time, and speed. It slows the ability of the driver to track moving objects thus leading to fatal accidents.

5. Youths Tend to Be the Most Affected

A person holding a joint
A person holding a joint

Children, adolescents, and youths like to try out everything and legalizing weed will put them at more risk. This will lead to most of them to lose their jobs and be unemployed. Some of them are susceptible to dropping out of school. They will also suffer more health issues while they are still young. It might also lead to a decrease in the number of youths.

6. Cannabis Is Bad for Your Physical Health

Weed is way toxic than cigarettes. Addicts tend to develop lung problems 20 years earlier than tobacco users. This includes complications such as asthma, bronchitis, and other upper respiratory infections. Pregnant women smoking weed will cause birth defects and mental abnormalities to their unborn babies.

7. Commercialized Marijuana Will Exploit Children

Big tobacco use tactics that are appealing to kids and the big marijuana industry is following the same footsteps. There are many kids’ food products that are made from marijuana. These products like gummy bears, lollipops, and candy bars are colorful and sweet and branded with cartoon characters. Children will certainly not want to keep their hands off them.

8. Cannabis Cultivation Destroys the Environment

Two people doing quality control on hemp
Two people doing quality control on hemp

Cultivation of marijuana leads to deforestation, soil erosion, and habitat destruction. Some cultivators divert rivers to their weed farms. Studies have shown that marijuana requires double the amount of water used in tomatoes and grapes. Moreover, diverting rivers to these farms also causes a shortage of water that is used in irrigation and also poses a threat to wildlife species.

Cannabis farming is also done indoors. Doing this is even way worse since it will require a lot of electricity and ventilation. This leads to higher emission of greenhouse gas emissions and makes the environment susceptible.

9. Weed Legalization Has Never Worked for Amsterdam

Amsterdam legalized weed a few years ago and it didn’t work out well for them. It has turned out as a tourist destination for pot users. The worst part is more and more children in Amsterdam are exposed to it. This has led to banning students from smoking cannabis in school. Additionally, marijuana has led to an increase in crime especially in the places where pot is sold.

10. Taxpayers Will Suffer

Marijuana on hundred dollar bills
Marijuana on hundred dollar bills

Alcohol and tobacco already pose heavy taxes on everyone. Legalizing weed will increase societal costs like medical care and increased emergency visits.


It is bad enough that we lose families and friends yearly due to alcohol and drug abuse. The list above is proof enough to show you why marijuana should never be legalized. So before you go on an endless debate whether to legalize weed or not, ask yourselves a few questions. Do we really want to put the lives of our loved ones at risk? Do you want to live in a neighborhood where everyone smokes marijuana? Are you ready for the long-term impacts the drug will cause to your health and the country? What will be our next move, crack, heroin, or meth?

You may not use it if legalized, but remember you can still be affected: either as a second-hand smoker or a fatal accident from a reckless pothead. Moreover, cannabis should not be legalized to protect the future of our country and our children. It can be easy to legalize it, but when things take a wrong turn, it will be a lot harder to change things back to the way they were before.

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Steven Tran
1 year ago

Yes, post an article with only negatives and no positives. not like there have been overdoses from marijuana. no related deaths from it, only increased impairment, and from my experience, I drive slower when im high

1 year ago
Reply to  Steven Tran

I mean the article is about reason marijuana shouldn’t be legalized so.

11 months ago
Reply to  Steven Tran

your lack of intelligence surpasses anyone I have ever seen before

7 months ago
Reply to  Steven Tran

I have smoked marijuana since I was 13 I’m now 34…I wish I never started smoking it changed my life forever I feel so sorry for my parents I could have been so much more than I am now I’m lazy and have massive social problems and depression and don’t feel like myself unless I’m high but feel so clear headed if I have not smoked for a couple of days but that’s the longest I can go as I can’t live properly without smoking marijuana…I hate it but love it…it sucks that I’m addicted its a waste of my… Read more »

1 year ago

When was this posted? Just curious. Pot smells, honestly worse than cigarettes. The people I’ve known using it moved slower and acted slow. I’m talking about coworkers. Of course there are worse drugs out there.

1 year ago

I’m also opposed to the idea of having Marijuana legalized, but I think that this article is a little more based on opinion rather than facts. I see where it makes references to actual studies but the other bits are more attacking, such as the public view of marijuana users. I think this article is more of an opinion based article rather than an actual well sourced informative article.

10 months ago

lol! so the LIES and PROPGANDA continue…..

Steve M
5 months ago

Canada legalized pot several years ago…I have yet to see the sky fall….