10 Reasons Why Hunting Should be Banned

Ever wondered what kind of damage hunting can do to wildlife and human society?

10 Reasons Why Hunting Should be Banned

Hunting is a part of human culture and in its early form is a means for food and survival. Today, hunting has become a sport. It is a recreation that gives humans the rush of adrenaline people are looking for. But, this is frowned upon by society. There are organizations in every country trying to protect animals from this inhumane act.

In the US alone, less than 5% of its population hunt. It might seem little, but national forests and state parks worldwide permit hunting as a recreational activity. With this, many animal lives are in danger, and most of these animals are going extinct.

In this article, we gathered ten reasons why hunting should be banned. This way, we can encourage each other to fight for animals’ lives because they live beings.

10. Hunting Dogs Are Treated Badly

A group of foxhound dogs
A group of foxhound dogs

Trained dogs used for hunting are chined and poorly treated. They do not receive the proper care and medication. Also, some are lost during hunting and may never be found. Here dogs fend for themselves in the wild and die of starvation.

The game animals are not the only ones affected but also dogs. Dogs are considered part of a family, but some people only care about hunting and ignore hunting dogs. Organizations are fighting for the rights of hunting dogs to get the same treatment as any other pets.

9. Hunting Can Lead to Violence

Father and son hunting outside
Father and son hunting outside

During hunting, people use weapons. They also bring young children with them when they go hunting. Desensitize’s children at an early age and thinks that killing is just a” sport” people enjoy.

Violence towards animals can lead to violence towards other humans. If you notice, criminals and even serial killers are desensitized by hurting and killing animals when they were young.

Without the proper training and guidelines, children and even adults will become violent towards other people because of hunting. There should be appropriate protocols and even physical and mental examinations before letting a person handle dangerous weapons.

8. Hunting is Unnecessary

Closeup shot of deer with beautiful horns
Closeup shot of deer with beautiful horns

There is no scientific evidence or any study that claims hunting as something good for a person’s health. This act is only for fun or recreation, and it only brings negativity to other living organisms in this world. Hunting also tolerates illegal poaching and animal trafficking, which affects the population of animals. There is no purpose in taking an innocent life just for fun. Unless it is for food, then why should you kill an innocent animal? That is against the law.

7. “Canned” Hunting is Practiced

A caged lion
A caged lion

“Canned hunting” is a form of trophy hunting where wealthy hunters prey on captive-bred animals. These animals’ purpose is to be slaughtered, having no chance of escape because they live in fenced-in

Private landowners make a profit from letting hunters kill on their ground. State laws regarding hunting in forests and wildlife do not affect them, so they make a way to provide” game” to people. They go above and beyond the law and are willing to harm helpless animals just for fun.

The animals they bring to their land are raised in nearby areas just for canned hunting or are purchased from animal traffickers. These are against the law, and hunters are one reason people traffic exotic animals or nearly-extinct animals for a considerable amount.

6. “Canned” Hunting is Profit Driven

Room full of trophy hunting
A room full of trophy hunting

Canned hunts are a huge business. There are 1,000 game preserves in the US alone, and about 5,000 participants are called” exotic ranchers.” This practice is inhumane and is affecting the population of the animals. With this, the natural cycle of an ecosystem and nature itself is drastically affected.

Even officials can be bribed when it comes to animal trafficking. That is why it is possible in the US to smuggle exotic and extinct animals to the country to participate in” canned” hunting across the country.

5. There are Unwanted Victims

A dog hunt alert pointer with hunters forest
A dog hunt alert pointer with hunters forest

Hunting does not only affect the animals and their ecosystem. There are hunting accidents occurring everywhere. A missed bullet can hit livestock and pets. Moreover, it could damage property and even injure other people.

In 2006, Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot his friend while hunting for quails in a canned hunting preserve. According to American orthopedic surgeons, Randall Loder and Neil Farren in 2014 showed that between 1993 and 2008, 35,970 firearm-related injuries involved in hunting were reported to U.S. hospitals or about 2,400 per year over the 15-year period of the study. That’s out of a total of 1,841,269 accidents involving firearms (about 123,000 per year).

4. The Ecosystem is Disturbed

Thai Asian elephant stands on green field
Thai Asian elephant stands on a greenfield

Nature has its way of maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Predators prey on the sickly and weak so that the stronger animals could keep their population healthy. With this, the ecosystem continues to strive.

However, hunters and poachers do not care about this. Usually, they would kill the biggest one, which is the strongest one in the pack. These hunters only care about the animals’ years on their walls and the fur on their floors. Little do they know that their actions can cause a severe rupture in the ecosystem.

In Canada and Africa, Elephants are tuskless, and the big-horned sheep lose their horns. These are effects on the animals’ genetics, and in years to come, Elephants may look different, and big-horned sheep may no longer have some horns they have now.

3. Animals Go Through Pain and Suffering

Male white tailed deer
Male white-tailed deer

As mentioned before, animals are also living and breathing organisms in this world. Humans, too, are part of the animal kingdom. And we as humans are responsible for the safety of our earth. Furthermore, when hunting, an animal can sense danger and feel fear. When they get hurt, they go through pain and suffering. Moreover, animals who are shot during hunting does not die on the spot. Imagine what they feel when they lie helpless and bleed to death.

The South Dakota Department of Games, Fish, and Park biologist said that they estimate more than 3 million wounded ducks go unretrieved ducks. These ducks were wounded while they were being hunted but was not put to death in an instant.

British study found that deer cannot be killed instantly with one shot. Most hunters fire once and expect the deer to die. Also, this study shows that 11% of deer suffer for about 15 minutes before dying.

2. Hunting Takes Away the Right of An Animal to Live

Closeup shot grizzly bear laying tree
The total grizzly bear population is severely depleted in recent years.

Animals are voiceless creatures that only wish to live among us peacefully. When they are hunted, they cannot scream or plead for their lives. They die in agony and suffer from pain. That is why there are organizations that fight for the rights of animals. So they may be treated as living creatures, and not just some toy people can play with. Small kills will become more significant kills in the long run if a person cannot control his appetite to kill. It is addicting, and it will cause more animal lives.

1. Hunting Risks the Extinction of Animals

Western lowland gorillas
Gorillas are killed for meat and captured as babies for the pet trade.

In the US, where there are thousands of hunting grounds, there is a risk of extinction in game animals. The demand for these animals versus the supply breeders and farmers provide is already a challenge itself. Rhinos, elephants, tigers, gorillas, sea turtles, lemurs, and many more animals face extinction due to poachers. Right now, thousands of species of animals are slowly going extinct due to environmental issues, and with a hunting getting popular each day, we could wake up one day with nothing.

If animals go extinct, people will have a hard time providing food for themselves. We are on the top of the food chain, and if we hunt for fun rather than for food, the chances are that there will be none left for the millions of people living on earth.


During the early times, hunting is part of the human culture. We hunt to eat, but we do not hunt for fun. Hunting, without proper regulations, will lead to overkilling. With this, millions of people will starve to death because nature’s natural cycle is disturbed, and nature will no longer provide humans.

Remember that we are living on earth as its guests. We do not own anything from this earth. We all should respect the natural order of things so that nature will not get back at us. Let us respect each living creature on the planet, for we are not here if we are not all present.

Lastly, make sure you are fully aware and well-educated when it comes to hunting. If you want to try hunting, make sure that you are doing it the proper way. There are legal hunting grounds with guides so that you can ensure nothing gets hurt and that you can put out the misery of the game in an instant.

Always make the right decisions and support the advocates of organizations. This is a big help for them and for the animals who cannot fight for their rights. It feels so good to be able to help and to be the voice of the voiceless. Let us promote peace rather than violence all the time.

What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts about these reasons why hunting should be banned? What kinds of regulations and laws would you like to see in action to help with this issue?

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11 months ago

thank god my dad dosent hunt

11 months ago
Reply to  ??????

Wildlife management you dipshit. . Over run with coyotes and there would be nothin but little.fluffy people like you left ….Enjoy your socialism
A fart away from communism .

10 months ago

I think hunting is fine if it’s something like white tailed deer in the south. I love animals but there are too many deer in the southern states. It’s better to be shot than have ten per mile piled up on the side of the highway from being struck by cars.

4 months ago
Reply to  Amber

yea but when hunting get’s uneccecery its bad and very very risky

10 months ago

Fools. Certain species are invasive and if we leave them unchecked, those species will hunt others into extinction. We already messed up the eco system, now we need to maintain it. Most hunters care more about animals than the writer of this invalid list and ecologists would agree.

4 months ago
Reply to  Collin

not all animals

R Drury
8 months ago

Holy cow. Pretty much every point is wrong. The only thing I agree with is canned hunting or “High fence hunting”but if you eat meat and are against peoples right to hunt, but are okay supporting commercial AG you are a hypocrite and I have more respect for vegans, because at least they are following though with their commitment.

4 months ago
Reply to  R Drury

that’s YOUR opeinyen NOT fact

7 months ago

this is so fu<king stupid

Daniel McKenzie
4 months ago

Fundamentally wrong on every point. God help us all if young continue to believe this sort of garbage socialists continue to push.

3 months ago

true but not the hunting for food hunting

Mason> T
30 days ago

you stupid f u c k e r if hunting was banned by anti hunters then wild boar would control the world they are unstoppable even with all this hunting, if you soft b*tches banned hunting then the environment is screwed. also reason 1 is the fucking stupidest thing i ever heard that is not true at all that hunting dogs are abused just made up shit.
f*ck you anti hunters.