10 Interesting Facts About Teeth You May Not Know

We usually do not assign much importance to our teeth and consider it interesting. They provide us good smile and help grind our food. Other than these two functions, there is not something exclusive about them, that is what we often feel. But this is not true and in a practical sense, there is a lot of information about the teeth. The first electronic toothbrush was made sometime in 1955-1956. While examining our teeth, scientists can dig out excessive information about us. They can very well come to know about our age, eating and drinking habits. Teeth also reveal significant evidence about health and the amount of stress we underwent through.

Nowadays we have progressive dental care and various tools to take proper care of our teeth. Teeth help us to eat properly and therefore, it is important to take care of your dental health.  Mentioned below are the top 10 facts about teeth:

1. A Total Of 32 Teeth

Woman laughing with joy
Woman laughing with joy

We have four kinds of teeth, which are known as incisors, canine, premolars, and molars. These help in cutting, tearing and grinding food. There are two sets of teeth, baby and permanent. Once permanent teeth are in place, one should ensure their proper care.

A total of 32 teeth are there, which include the teeth at the back of the mouth known as ‘wisdom teeth’. There is a total of four wisdom teeth that are developed at the age of 16-17 years. Sometimes it becomes very painful for these teeth to erupt in dislocated form and hence are detached through surgery to avoid damage and dislocation of other teeth as well.

2. Every Tooth Is Unique

Pretty female dentist holding tooth model
Pretty female dentist holding tooth model

Our teeth are like an impression and distinctive. It has been seen that each tooth is different in size and shape and with a unique mark-up, hence it differs from people to people. Therefore, we should feel proud of having a unique set of teeth. It is to be remembered that a matchless smile is always with an appealing identity.

3. The Tooth Is Like Icebergs

It is very important to look after your gums so that they can remain healthy throughout. Each tooth is carved under gums. Therefore, keeping gums healthy will, in turn, makes sure that we care for our teeth. The color of the gums should be pink which denotes that they are in good condition.

4. Enamel Is The Hardest Part

Super tooth
Super tooth

The teeth are having a solid material known as enamel which is the outer covering of the teeth.  It is like a casing whose objective is to safeguard the entire tooth. It is strong like bones because it is made up of calcium and contains particular proteins. If the enamel of the tooth is damaged then it cannot be restored in any case. However, the enamel which has become weak can be renovated to some extent. It is a myth that various kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes available in the market are able to reconstruct teeth, but this is not true. They cannot recreate but can provide help in the process of repairing.

5. Enamel Is Not Invincible

Asian woman hurt her teeth with ice cream on blue background
Asian woman hurt her teeth with ice cream on a blue background

The role of enamel is to safeguard teeth but still, it is vulnerable to decay and can be cracked. Soft drinks contain added sugars and acids and when consumed, comes into contact with the bacteria in the mouth and after outbreaking the enamel initiates the process of decay of the tooth. It would be better to avoid soft drinks, whether consumed often or occasionally, as these are not good for teeth and damages enamel.

It is to be noted that cleaning of teeth through brushing is very important. While brushing the teeth, one is able to move the brush at the upper and lower sides of the teeth but this not sufficient. Rather the brush should be moved in such a way that it easily reaches the sides between the enamel as it also needs cleaning properly. Hence, proper cleaning between teeth will eliminate bacteria and stimulate strong gums.

6. Teeth To Appear Yellow

Tooth with yellow decay being stripped off
A tooth with yellow decay being stripped off

The white appearance of the teeth is because of enamel and when it starts decaying the color of the teeth turns into yellow. When enamel is decayed then there is a feeling of unbearable pain. Increased sensitivity can be attributed to the loss of enamel. Advanced stages of loss of enamel can lead to severe sensitivity.

Our teeth can be stained from the excessive use of having coffee, tea, tobacco, and wine. These stains can be removed by dental cleaning and we will get shiny and unstained teeth. The question is to maintain its whiteness once the dental cleaning has been done. We should rinse our mouth after having meals. This will not only facilitate in keeping bacterias away but will also help in maintaining bright and shiny teeth free of cavities.

7. Dentin Regenerates

Tooth anatomy
Tooth anatomy

Dentin is also solid coating similar to bones and lies under the enamel. Dentin is basically composed of small canals and passages and the tooth and communicates nerve signals and nourishment. Three kinds of dentin are there, such as primary, secondary and reparative. The enamel is essentially stagnant, but dentin grows constantly and regenerates.

8. Bacteria Inside The Mouth

Beautiful girl sitting in the dentist
Beautiful girl sitting in the dentist

Our mouth is home to many bacterias which are the cause of cavities and give rise to diseases related to gums. If we are breathing bad, then it is due to the attack of bacteria on our teeth and we should immediately consult the dentist to address the cause. The dentist may suggest a mouth rinse or a toothpaste for treating bacterias permanently and provide relief to the patient.

At times, the cavities are very deep and the dentist has to do the root canal treatment in which roots are opened and cleaned properly in three-four sittings. Afterward, once the process has been finished, the cap is installed upon the reconstructed tooth to avoid any crack and enhance its life.

9. Bacteria Is The Enemy

Bacteria in a blue background
Bacteria in a blue background

We should regularly brush to avoid the decay of the tooth due to the presence of bacteria. Bacterias, if not eradicated completely and left untreated, get more solid and converts in the residue. Hence, we should contact the dentist for a dental cleaning on a regular basis in this regard and keep on brushing twice a day.

Sometimes the need arises for a tooth extraction which is a very painful process. The dentist makes the best possible efforts to save it from extraction but if roots have completely degenerated then there is no other option left of even doing a root canal.

10. Saliva Production

Open red mouth holding an ice cube
Open red mouth holding an ice cube

Saliva plays a very significant role in improving complete health. It helps in the swallowing of food and assisting in the digestion process. It also safeguards the teeth from coming into contact with bacteria. When the question of the teeth arises, saliva rinses away food particles that have remained and comprises calcium to deactivate the acids in bacteria that can lead to damage and decay of teeth.


It is very important and advisable to do a periodic visit to the dentist for a proper and thorough check-up and dental cleaning of the teeth. The important role which teeth can play is to chew and digest food for us. They provide us with help in communicating effectively and pronouncing various sounds plainly. A healthy and pleasant smile plays a very important role and its importance can be very well attached to teeth. Therefore,  proper care should be provided to the teeth in the best possible manner.

It is very vital to follow a proper routine and maintain the healthiness of gums and teeth. The gum diseases can cause severe bone damage, if not treated properly and timely. It has been observed that it can also result in a loss of teeth. However, proper care is required to eradicate the diseases of the gum. The gum diseases can be cured by regular dental cleaning at the clinic of the dentist and check-ups on a regular basis to avoid problems to arise in the future. Everything is gone if teeth are gone, hence, it is of utmost importance to preserve our teeth otherwise we have to cover it with dentures, implants, and bridges.

It is up to us how we maintain our dental health. We should make it a habit of brushing our teeth twice a day and keep changing our toothbrushes at regular intervals. We should spittle toothpaste out after brushing and avoid rinsing. The usage of small-medium sized toothbrushes should be encouraged. We should always drink plenty of water and quit smoking if we do not want to compromise on our dental health. On a similar note, we have to follow a proper diet plan and stick to the most appropriate dental products. Acidic foods should be avoided completely. We should regularly visit our dentist for check-ups to get a fair idea of our dental health and to know if everything is in order. After all, teeth are also very important for us.

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