Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Discover the most dangerous dog breed based on attacks and fatalities, which may swing your opinion on why some dog breeds are not as they seem.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds


They say a dog is a man’s best friend; however, dogs can turn against you aggressively with bites and attacks if not treated properly and live in poor conditions. We’ll be going over the most dangerous dog breeds in the world, recent news about some of the most dangerous dog breed attacks, staggering statistics about dog attacks, and why these dogs become aggressive.

Shocking Dog Attack News

Ruthie Mae Brown attacked by dogs
Ruthie Mae Brown attacked by dogs

October 20, 2020: Alabama mom-of-four, Ruthie Mae Brown, 36, was mauled to death by a pack of at least seven dogs while walking in Nauvoo, Alabama. This attack happened just three days before her birthday, and when officers arrived at the scene, she was already dead. Authorities have caught four of the dogs involved with the attack and are still pursuing the other dogs.

The types of dog breeds have not to be released, and the dogs will be turned over to the Walker County Humane Society. District Attorney Bill Adair will decide if there will be any criminal charges. There is no leash law in Walker County, meaning dog owners open themselves to liability for injuries caused by their unleashed dog.

Shocking Dog Attack Statistics

According to the CDC’s Underlying Cause of Death due to dog attacks, there is an average of 35 losses every year in the United States. The majority of these involve adults, 31% include children, and 9% infants. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA., there are approximately 800,000 dog bites each year that require medical attention.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

1. Pit Bull

A Pitt Bull dog wanting to get out of its leash
A Pitt Bull dog wanting to get out of its leash

In a Level 1 Trauma Center Studies Characterizing Dog Bite Injuries Across Major U.S. Geographical Regions (2011-2019), pit bulls cause the most severe damage and injuries than other dog breeds. Pit bulls create the most complex wounds, the most mauling injuries, and the most fractures than other dog breeds. Also, the damage created requires up to five times more operative interventions.

Up to this day, there is an ongoing debate on whether or not Pitbull dogs are born to be dangerous. These dogs have a bad reputation because they were used for dog fighting practices. The actual name for a Pitbull is American Pit Bull Terrier. Nowadays, they are commonly known for their new name and have since been what they are called.

Pitbulls weigh up to about 85 bs and have a height of 19 inches when mature. They are relatively a medium-sized dog and are filled with muscles. They are short-haired dogs that could not tolerate cold weather. Also, they love to get all the attention of their owners. But they have had rough times and now are filling up shelters due to their aggressiveness.

There are about 3,397 cases of Pitbull attacks in the last 30 years, and it is quite a lot. Although they were bred as farm dogs and are good with people, some people train them to attack.

Their aggressiveness is instilled since they were young, so they may participate in illegal dogfighting. This type of activity is banned worldwide; individual dogs cannot find a home due to their aggressiveness.

2. Rottweiler

A barking Rottweiler
A barking Rottweiler

Rottweiler dogs are a large dog breed that has black fur with a bit of brown. They are bred to be guard dogs and have defense instincts. They were also bred to pull carts and be service dogs in the military. They are considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds in history. With this kind of reputation, Rottweilers have a tendency to be active and to want to do activities where they can exert their energies throughout the day.

Rottweilers can weigh up to about 130 lbs and have a height of about 27 inches when mature. They love to be the only dog in the house but are reasonably okay with small children. They need regular physical and mental exercise, so they do not get bored. It is better to get a Rottweiler if you are an outdoorsy person. If they lack the attention and care they need, they may become aggressive, leading to potentially dangerous behavior.

In about 30 years of data, there are about 535 reported incidents and attacks caused by Rottweilers. These attacks are sometimes fatal due to them being a large muscular dog with a strong bite force. These attacks, however, are due to negligence and lack of proper training from their owners.

3. German Shepherd

An angry German Shepherd dog barking
An angry German Shepherd dog barking

German Shepherd dogs are popular dog breeds that are used as military and working dogs. They are quite intelligent and can be easily trained at a young age. They have aggressive instincts and can grow up to a weight of 95 lbs and a height of 25 inches. They have thick coats that shed heavily.

This dog breed may be one of the most loyal dogs ever. But this loyalty could be dangerous, especially when they become overprotective of their owners. Without control, this could be a hazardous situation. German Shephard’s aggression is usually aimed at strangers but there are numerous cases where they attack their owners.

Since they are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, they can also be challenging to control. Also, most owners get this breed for protection and teach them dangerous tricks that they could not prevent. This then leads to attacks and casualties.

4. Bullmastiff

Dark colored Bullmastiff dog standing outside
Dark-colored Bullmastiff dog standing outside

Another big dog on this list is the Bullmastiff. This large dog weighs about 130 lbs and has a height of 26 inches when mature. It has short hair and features droopy eyes. They are perfect companions for families with behaved children. They are laid-back and quiet but can be suspicious when there are strangers at home. They do not like other people and can be aggressive if threatened.

Also, Bullmastiffs do not like other dogs or animals with them. They want to be the only pet in the household, so it is best not to add another dog or any other pet with this breed. Bullmastiffs were initially bred to protect English estates from poachers. They can run fast and catch poachers easily because of their long legs and powerful muscles. That is why they are dangerous if not appropriately trained.

In the last 30 years, Bullmastiffs have a recorded 111 attacks. They are on the top 5 list of dog breeds that are dangerous and aggressive. Because they are a giant dog breed, it is challenging to control and train them. You must be dedicated and serious about teaching to avoid dangerous circumstances.

In recent news, on April 11th, 2020, a Portland man was fatally attacked by his own two-year-old Bullmastiff. The man died from the injury and the dog was euthanized the following day. The Bullmastiff had a history of aggression and this attack seemed out of the blue.

5. Wolf Hybrid

White and grey coated Wolf Hybrid Dogs
White and grey coated Wolf Hybrid Dogs

Wolf hybrids are a mix of dog and wolf. They are more extensive than dogs, and all their features, like their teeth, are bigger. This hybrid has become popular in America, but some states still do not legalize owning a wolf hybrid. Wolf Hybrids can weigh up to about 155lbs.

Although dogs are descendants of wolves, wolves are not domesticated animals. Wolf hybrids have both wild and domestic animal traits, which can be dangerous if not properly trained. Wolves hunt for food, and the thrill of hunting fuels them, which could be passed down to a hybrid, and they will see people as prey and not as their master.

In the past years, Wolf hybrids have reportedly attacked over 85 people, some of whom are fatal, and others died. This is why some states in America have banned this dog breed from ensuring safety. Also, neglect from owners is one reason why Wolf Hybrids multiply, yet there is no proper training.

6. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky carrying a stick outside
Siberian Husky carrying a stick outside

Siberian Huskies are a prevalent dog breed. They have majestic features that resemble a wolf, and they have luscious fur that feels good to touch. They are very laid-back and can be quite laid when doing exercises but can tend to be aggressive, especially if they are not appropriately trained.

Siberian Huskies are large dog breeds that can weigh p to about 7 kg and have a height of about 60 cm when mature. They love the cold and also love to play with water. They do not get dirty, for dirt does not stick to their fur and can be easily cleaned off, but they shed a lot.

Bred for pulling sleds with people in it, Siberian Huskies are strong and have a lot of energy. Even during playtime, they might seem aggressive because of their muscle and jaw power. Although they are not aggressive by nature, huskies can give a mean bite, especially when in situations they feel like being threatened. A recorded 83 attacks are made by huskies, and it goes to show that they can indeed put up a fight if faced with trouble.

7. Akita

A close up of an angry Akita
A close up of an angry Akita

Akita dogs are relatively friendly dogs that love to have all the attention of their owners. They are loyal to their owners and will protect their masters in any situation. Though they are good dogs in general, it is best not to mix them with other dogs. An Akita dog can weigh up to about 130lbs and have a height of 8 28 inches. They are fairly mall, considering they are medium to large dog breeds, so they are perfect as indoor pets, although they still require exercises.

Akita dogs are playful, and one problem they have is mouthing. Since dogs do not have hands like humans, they feel through the use of their mouths. Sometimes, Akita dogs lose control, especially when playing, and a playful mouthing can often lead to fatal bites. Also, Akita is a dominating breed of dogs. If you cannot train them to be submissive, they can become aggressive towards you.

Although they look cute and sweet, Akita’s are healthy and full of muscles. They can quickly push you down and use their powerful strength against you. There are a reported 70 attacks over 30 years from this breed, with some attacks causing a fatality.

8. Boxer

Boxer dog barking behind a white background
Boxer dog barking behind a white background

Boxers are a medium to large dog breed. They have short hair, and they originated in Germany. They were initially bred as bull-baiting dogs, as well as a butcher’s helper and companion. They also help with controlling the cattle inside slaughterhouses. They have a height of about 63cm and a weight of about 32 kg when mature. They are relatively large dogs and have powerful muscles and jaws.

When people see a Boxer dog, they immediately see a scary, aggressive dog. Boxers have so far repo 64 reported attacks made by a Boxer dog over the years. These attacks are made towards small children and are usually fatal.

Since they are big and bulky dogs, they can easily scare off other people. And, since they are loyal to their owners, any sign of threats can trigger their defensive mode. Compared to small children, Boxers are relatively huge, and with one wrong move, an aggressive Boxer can fatally attack a child that could eventually lead to death.

9. Chow-chow

Black coated Chow Chow standing outside
Black coated Chow Chow standing outside

Chow-chows are adorable and fuzzy dogs that people say have a resemblance to bears. They are very popular amongst breeders, for this breed is in demand. They are medium-sized dogs that have thick coats. They can weigh about 32 kg and have a height of about 56 cm. They are quite heavy and have a powerful bite.

Chow-chows have been known to be aggressive, for they are often quiet dogs that love to be alone. They have their own little world. They are also loyal dogs, and when they sense a threat to either them or their owners, they will not hesitate to attack. Over the last 30 years, Chow-chows have been on the top 10 most dangerous dogs list. They have a recorded 61 attacks that are mostly on small children and adults.

10. Labrador

Labrador dog showing it's teeth
White-colored Labrador dog showing its teeth

Labradors are known for their laid-back and calm behavior and have been among the most popular dog breeds in America. These dogs are great companions and are very loving. They can be trained to be service dogs, military dogs, and even a simple house companion. Over 30 years, they are on the top 10 list of dog breeds with the most significant number of attacks with 56 reported attacks.

Labradors are large breed dogs and can weigh up to 36 kg as adults. They have a height of up to about 62cm and can live to about 12 years. But, if they are known to be gentle, why are there so many attacks over the last 30 years?

Just like us, dogs have different personalities. Also, the owner can be at fault too. Even the gentlest dog can turn aggressive due to inadequate training and a bad environment. And with labs being a large dog, it can be hard to outrun this. They have powerful jaws that could snap a bone in half, and if they are mistreated or caught off-guard, chances are they will most likely bite and attack.

Why Are Dogs Aggressive?

One of the main reasons some dogs are aggressive is the lack of proper training and socialization from an early age. Even though they are deemed intelligent, they still need to be guided to have the best behavior even when you bring them anywhere.

For first-time dog owners, you must research for a dog that suits your lifestyle before planning on adopting or buying a dog. Individual dogs need a ton of exercises, and some are okay to just lay around at home. You should know the type of dog you are getting and see if this breed fits your personality well.

Also, people tend to forget that just like any other living thing, dogs have feelings, and they can think too. With the population of stray dogs and dog attacks growing every day, make sure that you are fully aware of the responsibility of being a dog owner. With this in mind, you’ll have a loyal companion that is adequately trained and is willing to risk their lives during dangerous situations just to protect you. And in return, they only need to be loved, fed, and be given shelter. You will get the best in life if you are careful with the dog you are willing to take home, take care of, and love.

Aggressive Dog Solutions

There are two options: work on improving the dog’s behavior and/or environment or rehome. Before considering rehoming the dog, always work on improving the dog’s behavior. A dog’s aggression can be seen as losing your own temper so it’s something that can always be worked on. For more about this, we highly suggest you read the Can An Aggressive Dog Be Cured? by

What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts about the most dangerous dog breeds in the world that are on this list? What can be done to help the situation at hand in helping these dogs?

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they actually arent that bad plus my dad wants one of those big dogs O-O

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I love labs my nana has one and she is not aggressive

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