Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters of All Time

All the true believers of Marvel out there, it is time for a head-on smackdown between all the marvel characters to see who is the strongest of all. We know how endgame blew our socks off; we know how Tony Stark stole the show by reversing the game on Thanos and gave us a life-long heartache, but is he the strongest marvel character of all time? Over the years, Disney has introduced us to our favorite comic characters in live-action. We love Captain America, our very own Scarlet Witch, and who could ever forget the mighty Hulk? But are they the only characters in Marvel Universe? Nope! Here’s our pick of the top 10 strongest marvel characters of all time, the list is undoubtedly going to blow your mind away.

10. Thor

Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters of All Time Thor

Physically the strongest of the Asgardians, he is known to lift the Earth-sized Midgard Serpent, which is about the weight of 20 planets and can enter a state of “Warrior’s Madness” which increases his strength and stamina tenfold. Thor is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe and one of the strongest among the Avengers. He has very high resistance and puts him near invulnerability.

9. Doctor Strange

Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters of All Time Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

Last but not least, the Master of the Mystic Arts, Doctor Strange is the keeper of the Time Stone and was the Sorcerer Supreme. He was the one who went forward in time and took a considerable risk of giving the Time Stone to Thanos. He can create almost any outcome with the number of spells at his disposal. He is the ultimate tactician in battle, one who shouldn’t be messed with.

8. Thanos

Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters of All Time Thanos

No matter how much we hate Thanos for destroying the Universe, he is one of the handfuls of beings in the Marvel Comics who has the power of yielding the Infinity Gauntlet without dying. The man has the biggest army of extraterrestrial beings in the Universe, and he is virtually invulnerable. If you have read Marvel comics over and over again, you will know that due to his one and off game against death, Thanos never really dies. He can wipe off planets and is hard to defeat.

7. Captain Marvel

Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters of All Time Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

If you have seen Carol Danvers only in the movies, then you may not have an idea of how truly powerful Captain Marvel is. In various instances, she has been able to control and create gravity, manipulate radiation, absorb magical energy, and foresee the future. You can simply not question her potential, and if she puts her mind to it, she can even control light energy. Captain Marvel can probably be one of the most powerful beings in the Universe. She singlehandedly can go toe-to-toe with Thanos’s, have survived Rouge stealing her powers, taking on entire space fleets by herself, and much more.

6. Galactus

Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters of All Time Galactus

Galactus was reborn at the moment of big-bang. He is kind of a self-made entity, and he is as old as death itself. He was a mortal in the previous Universe and then took his time to become the eater of worlds. His abilities are creating forcefields, telekinesis, super strength, invulnerability, energy projection, telepathy, teleportation, size alteration, immorality, life creation, and much more. 

5. Odin

Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters of All Time Odin

We all know who the son of Odin is, right? But here comes the guy who has complete control over every Asgardian’s life. At one point in comics, Odin transforms all of his godlike subjects into mortals only so he could evade Ragnarok. Odin is also capable of enchanting weapons, raising the dead, and practicing telepathy across dimensions. What we are trying to say is that Odin has all the power one could ask for, and nobody could defeat him no matter how hard they try.

4. Zeus

Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters of All Time Zeus

When we certainly think of Gods, we think about Zeus, the strongest of all Olympian Gods. The first time he meets Thor is when he is breaking up a fight between Norse, the god of thunder, and Hercules. * It will come as no surprise that Zeus can easily beat up the Hulk because that is exactly what he does when Hulk beats up a bunch of Olympian monsters while he is on his way to see Zeus. Zeus is an extra-dimensional being who convinced all the mortal souls to worship him. He can fly, run, and shapeshift into any being he wants to become.

3. Living Tribunal

Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters of All Time Living Tribunal
Living Tribunal

Here comes the guy that death answers to. Living Tribunal has been around since the multiverse was created, and you will not find any other being like him even if you searched through the skies. He is omnipotent, and he could also defend the Infinity gems from being used, but he didn’t for his reasons.

2. One-Above-All

Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters of All Time One Above All
One Above All

Even though One-Above-All only appears occasionally in the comics but when he does, he appears as Jack Kirby. There is nothing that One-Above-All cannot do, and he is also the creator Living Tribunal, the guy that death answers to. There isn’t much that we can pin down about him, but you can get an idea about his power by the few stances he appeared on the comics

1. Squirrel Girl

Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters of All Time Squirrel Girl
Squirrel Girl

Do you want to know which character is the one that has never lost a single fight in the history of Marvel comics? Well, that is Squirrel Girl. We all know how she combated and defended the Earth against Galactus all alone. We have seen how she never lost a single fight like ever. Can we assume that the superpower Squirrel Girl holds is never losing? Well, whatever it is, the way we see it, she is the strongest and most powerful Marvel character of all time. Her character was made in a way that she can never lose a fight. There can never be a draw and she will always end up winning. Now that’s overpowered!

What do you think?

What did you think about our picks for the top 10 strongest marvel characters of all time? Did we miss anything that should belong on this list? If you have another character that you think should be on this list, comment below.

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