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10 Remarkable Real Life Super Heroes

Humans by day, real-life superheroes by night.

We grew up believing in ordinary people who developed supernatural powers and now is dedicated to saving the world. We see how powerful they can be, and we idolize these superheroes. But, at the back of our minds, we know they aren’t real. The fictional characters from our childhood motivated us to do good and be good.

But, somewhere in the world, Real Life Super Heroes, or RLSH for short, are formed to make the world a better place. Although unknown to some, these people possess the talent, skills, and straight up the courage to do what the uncommon won’t do. These real-life superheroes are people that work on and off duty for the betterment of the less fortunate people around them. In this article, we will showcase the ten outrageous real-life superheroes around the world that you may not know existed.

The list below will feature ten people who are just like us, ordinary citizens with ordinary day jobs and families. But, they are superheroes because they do something to make the lives of other people more comfortable and inspire us to believe in doing good. They depict strong and powerful humans, just like the superheroes we watch on television. With this, we wish to inspire others to become a superhero. It might be in some little way, but it is a great start.

1. Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones is probably the most controversial superhero on this list because he popularized real superheroes around 2011. His movement was so powerful that he even started a superhero organization called The Rain City Superhero Movement.

But his righteousness wasn’t so pure, and things turned worst when he was arrested for selling MDMA and cocaine in November 2019. You can watch the rise and downfall of Phoenix Jones in the video below:

Born Benjamin Fodor, he is the real-life superhero of Seattle, Washington, where he patrols Seattle’s streets in a mask and cape. The best thing about his costume is that it has a bulletproof vest and an armor plating. That is a full-on superhero costume. His protective gear and equipment show that he takes his job seriously; for sure, he could easily take down criminals without breaking a sweat.

One day, Benjamin’s car got broken into. The people who saw the crime did not do anything to stop it from happening. From then on, he dedicated his time to prevent crime on his own.

In 2011, he got arrested for pepper-spraying two women. This was covered by the media and made it to the headlines. But, there is no doubt that his true intentions are pure, and he only wants to help make Seattle a peaceful and safe environment for everyone.

2. Knight Warrior

Knight Warrior

First on our list of superheroes is the Knight Warrior. He is born Robert Hayhurst and is currently living in Salford, Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom. He is a gardener by day and dedicates his night time to save his community. He believes that his superpower is the ‘supernatural desire to make the world a better place.’

He mostly targets drunk who get too rowdy and quarrel while leaving pubs at night. If there are no street fights, he gives food to the homeless around his area. Indeed, he is a real-life superhero that dedicates his time to make his community a safer place to live.

Although he doesn’t have any real superpowers, hi-tech gadgets, or a muscular body, he has his bright and flashy costume that captures people’s attention. When people see him, they are stunned into silence, and even drunks stop fighting when he approaches. This man is someone people should look up to even if he does not have much; he is a great person that makes a mark in society.

3. Mr. Extreme

Mr. Extreme

This next real-life superhero is Mr. Extreme. We do not know of his secret identity, but we know that he lives in San Diego, California. He is in the perfect place to save the day because, in 2012, the police department of San Diego downsized, and it is near impossible to cover all areas with a few policemen.

Mr. Extreme works as a security guard during the day. He then suits up with shin guards, cape, army helmet, and identity-protection goggles after his work. He would patrol the streets of the East Village, where crime rates are high.

For seven years, Mr. Extreme is actively doing his part to make the streets of San Diego safe. He is armed with taser guns, handcuffs, and three cans of pepper spray. Together with this, he is armed with a conviction to do what is right all the time. With all of this combined, fighting crime is possible. He doesn’t get into a lot of action, though. But, he has made multiple arrests in seven years.

His actions had helped the police department over the years, and he is continuing to do this without any expectations from other people. In his heart, he knows that he chose this and that he will continue to serve the people silently so that everyone could feel protected and safe in his community.

4. Wheel Clamp Man

Wheel Clamp Man

A superhero from Perth, Australia, Wheel Clamp Man is a superhero with different fighting styles. We have grown up watching superheroes fight crime, but this one is doing something “illegal,” depending on one’s perspective. But, a lot of people are thankful for him.

He uses a grinder to cut wheel clamps on cars that are illegally parked on Perth’s streets. He does this because he knows that everyone is going through something. He is willing to help people in whichever way possible. He knows that there is a reason behind every illegal parking in his area, mainly because of emergencies. This way, he lightens the burdens of those in need. People can instead use a fine of $135 to stretch the budget of a family.

He walks the street of Perth wearing bright green tights with a red cape. He has a glue-on mustache, sunglasses, and a hat to cover his identity. You’ll also see him wearing rainbow socks to complete his whole superhero get-up. Wheel Clamp Man just started his advocacy, but people are grateful for this kind of human. The latter is willing to go against the law so they could save money on tickets and fines.

5. Dark Guardian

Dark Guardian

Who knew that Manhattan, New York has its superhero, right? Well, there is one named the Dark Guardian. He is born Chris Pollak, and he grew up like superheroes. Most of us only dream of fighting crime and saving the city we live in, but he is living the dream!

Another good thing is that the Dark Guardian has years of martial arts training. If you see someone wearing a costume that looks like a leather biker suit and wearing a mask, then you’ll know that he is the Dark Guardian.

There has been a video circulating of how the Dark Guardian confronted drug dealers. It has been inspiring to the people who have watched the video. To this day, the Dark Guardian roams around Washington State Park and nearby areas to fight crimes. He would sneak up on drug dealers and leap out to them while holding a flashlight and shouting, “this is a drug-free park!”

A simple tactic like that is a helpful tactic to the community. With Dark Guardian on the streets at night, there is a possibility that the whole city could be drug-free. If there are other people like him, then crime rates would rapidly come down.

6. Captain Australia

Captain Australia

Brisbane, Australia, also has its superhero. With an unknown secret identity, Captain Australia roams the street of Queensland to prevent crimes from happening. He is clad with ampersat and gardening gloves and sees to it that crimes are stopped. He is a stay at home dad during the day and a superhero at night.

He claims to have stopped a rape by showing up just in time. Two guys assaulted a drunk woman, and luckily, he arrived on the scene, saving the woman. His heroic actions are inspiring to everyone, and the public praised him.

His tactic is to prevent a crime before it occurs, a challenging task for even any police force. The sight of him approaching is enough for people to stop committing crimes. This is helpful to the victims and to the people about to commit a crime. With this, he is an excellent asset to lowering crime rates in his area. Of course, his children are proud to have a superhero father like home.

7. Shadow

Shadow Ken Andre

In Yeovil, Somerset, United Kingdom, a superhero has a different approach in crime-fighting. Dressed in a typical black outfit that we see in most superhero costumes, Shadow or Kent Andre fights crime in style. At night, he stops crime around Somerset, specifically drug dealing. He would roam around the streets and has stopped several dozens of drug dealers and muggers.

Since he was a child, he has been studying Ninjutsu. This inspired him to use his skills to lessen the crime rates in his city. With this, he has smooth moves and a flawless exit. He also possesses a superpower like the ones with superheroes, a bat-like hearing aid that can amplify sound.

One of his best moves was when he stopped a carjacker using his nunchucks that he threw at the person. He continued to tie him to a lamp post using his legs while calling the police. If that is not a hero move, then we don’t know what is.

8. Thanatos


Thanatos is a superhero living in Vancouver, Canada. He is the personification of Thanatos, a greek mythology character who is the demon of death. A name with this meaning doesn’t seem to fit a superhero, but this man proved it otherwise.

Three years ago, he decided that Vancouver needed a superhero. He wore a black trench coat and hat with a green full face mask. His central advocacy is to help the needy and homeless by giving out food and clothes around the area while still looking out for possible crimes so he can stop them from happening.

Thanatos is a selfless person who deserves to be on this list because he has the people’s well-being in his heart and mind. He feeds and gives clothes to the poor, but he makes sure that the city is safe and people can sleep soundly at night.

9. The Flashing Blade

The Flashing Blade

Another hero from the United Kingdoms is on this list. The Flashing Blade is a mystery around South Shields. There are rumors about him, but there is only one incident wherein he was involved.

A gang was walking around and armed with chains and knives attacked an unarmed detective. It was one versus a lot, and out of nowhere, a man leaped from the shadows with a katana and shouted, ‘Leave him alone, he’s a police officer!’. At first, the gang members wouldn’t move, but one was caught in the Flashing Blade’s katana, and the rest fled the scene.

After this event, he was also gone in an instant. This was the first and last time people saw the Flashing Blade, and up to today, his identity remains a mystery. The detective described the man as a 40-year-old white man with a mustache. However, he was not seen since he remains to be a superhero in everyone’s hearts.

10. The Chinese Redbud Woman

Chinese Redbud Woman

This real-life superhero is from Beijing, China. She is an ordinary person that has a great heart and a powerful will to help the poor. The Chinese Redbud Woman does not fight crime or catch bad guys. This sensational woman roams Beijing’s streets wearing a cape and mask and handing out food to the less fortunate. She is a savior to the poor, and her actions are superhero-like. She might be Robinhood-like in some ways, but she does not steal to feed others. She is an inspiration to everyone.

This real-life superwoman is known around Beijing, and people are looking up to her. She is remarkable in her way. With more people like the Chinese Redbud Woman, poverty and hunger can be eliminated not just in Beijing but also around the world.


These people put the lives of others before themselves. Although they are mere human beings, they make it possible to help their respective communities a better place to live in. And in this world today, only a few people are willing to go out of their ways to make a living a little bit easier for others. This is not something for the faint of heart. It is possible to encounter dangerous criminals along the way.

Although they do not possess superhuman strength, their will to help is so strong that they make it possible in every way they can. Though they do not have expensive gadgets and beautiful weapons, they have a heart of gold. And, even though they are ordinary people, their advocacy to maintain peace and safety is extraordinary.

Will you be willing to try and become a superhero like them? Anything is possible if you believe. Though there will not be a lot of praise, you can sleep at night knowing that you did something good today. Be a superhero too! Even if you start with your family, it is the perfect start!

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