Is Food Coma Bad For You?

Feeling bloated? Ate too much? Find out why food comas happen.

A great day is never complete without good food. We always want to try out the newest restaurants in our area, have a glass of a refreshing drink during hot days, and sip good quality coffee at a local café while the weather is chilly. Sometimes, we go all out to eat all the food we want, especially on birthdays, celebrations, and holidays. Eating is a part of every good memory, and where there is a celebration with family and friends, there is excellent food too. But sometimes we experience what we call ‘food coma,’ and this has become a joke to most of us, especially when we eat a lot on a particular day. So what is food coma, and is it okay if we experience this often?

The Answer

Is food coma bad for you? The answer: possibly. Food coma is not that bad if you just experience it from time to time, let’s say at a party or celebrating a big day. If there is a lot of food at these events, you’ll probably want to give up your diet (if you have one) and eat everything in sight. But it could also be dangerous to your health especially if you have no idea that you have underlying problems. If you’re experiencing food comas too often, that is a clear sign that you’ll need to change your eating ways. Make sure you are always eating a proper meal with the right amounts while still rewarding yourself from time to time as a good starting point.

Why Do We Get Food Coma?

A women with an upset stomach while eating dinner
Women with an upset stomach while eating dinner

If you have experienced eating a heavy meal and afterward you feel the need to lie down and rest, you suddenly become sleepy after eating, or because your tummy is full that you cannot move, that is food coma. This may seem reasonable to us, but in reality, this might be a sign of something going on in your body. Here are the causes and effects of the food coma.

How Do We Get Food Comas?

A close up of a woman regretting eating too much
A close up of a woman regretting eating too much

The foods we eat can trigger food coma especially if it has high sugar content which can have an impact on our blood sugar levels. Eating food which is also high in carbohydrates will spike up our blood sugar then it quickly goes down. This can be dangerous to our health because our sugar levels are peaking and going down abnormally that the body doesn’t know what to do.

Food coma can be triggered by the amount of food we are eating. Our hormones can never be predicted, and sometimes we eat more than what our body can handle. Our guts become fuller than usual, which triggers the bloating.

A woman suffering from throat pain due to her thyroid issues
A woman suffering from throat pain due to her thyroid issues

Thyroid issues can also trigger a food coma. If you already know that you have a thyroid issue, you know well that your glucose levels can go up and down abnormally. For those who have no idea if they have thyroid problems and are experiencing a food coma, be sure to consult with the doctor to make sure that you are healthy.

If our microbiomes are unhealthy, the chances are that the food we consume cannot be absorbed by our bodies properly. This will then lead to us experiencing a food coma. A healthy microbiome can absorb food properly and control the spikes of sugar levels in our bodies.

If you have an allergy to a particular type of food, yet you still consume this food, this will probably lead to bloating or to sudden fatigue. Usually, we are not aware we have allergies on a specific type of food because there are no signs of rashes, but be mindful that not all allergies can be defined with a rash.

For some, a vitamin deficiency can be the reason of feeling bloated or tired after eating a meal. With people who have iron deficiency, this can cause the person to crave food, which then leads to stuffing their faces with what they desire and end up having a food coma.

How To Prevent Food Coma

Happy and not bloated couple running in the street
A happy and not bloated couple running in the street

1. Exercise

If you lack exercise or are not moving enough, then you will somehow experience a food coma. Exercise is supposed to be added to your daily routine, or you could have a short walk every day. It is good to keep your blood flowing, so you will also have a lot of energy throughout the whole day, and if you are at the office, practice stretching while taking a small break.

2. Eat Slower

If you are not mindful of how you eat, chances are you are stuffing yourself with food, and fast. Take your time when eating and make sure you eat slowly as if you have all the time in the world. Studies have proven that eating slower will make you feel fuller. And isn’t it just right to indulge with whatever food you have?

3. Change Your Eating Habits

Your eating habits can affect experiencing a food coma. You might be eating healthy meals, but if you are snacking on junk food, or if you don’t drink enough water, then you will also experience a food coma. Healthy eating habits should be practiced, but nothing is wrong if you want to indulge in a piece of cake or cookie now and then, just avoid eating them on a regular basis.

If you have an unbalanced diet with high levels of carbohydrates, sugars, fat, etc., then you will likely experience a food coma. Make sure always to eat a balanced diet and drink lots of water together with your meal.


Remember that water is also essential to us and it will help significantly with the digestion and hydration of our bodies and our organs. Also, do not forget to incorporate even just a 30-minute walk every day or a quick stretch in the office so that your body can burn off excess carbohydrates we don’t need.

It is essential that we take care of our bodies for we only have one and that the body we have is what helps us every day. We only get one body, so make sure it stays healthy as it can be and always consult your doctor if a problem arises. Getting professional help will help us understand how we can take care of our bodies and how we can avoid feeling sluggish and bloated every day. This way, we stay up to our game and be as healthy as possible.

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