Top 10 Reasons Why Cigarettes Should Be Banned

The rising death toll climbs higher as cigarettes are still in use. Learn why we must ban cigarettes for good.

It’s widely known that smoking cigarettes are harmful to health, yet people continue to smoke regardless of warnings. No matter how much we reason with people, and no matter how hard we try to make them understand how bad smoking is for their health, people won’t just listen. To make things more understandable, we have come up with the top 10 reasons why cigarettes should just be banned.

10. That Unwanted Odor

A man smoking a cigerette
A man smoking a cigarette

In bars, restaurants, and other places that have permitted smokers to smoke, people have often complained about how the lingering odor of cigarettes causes them to distress. That stale smell remains on their bodies and clothes for so long that they feel like they smoked themselves even though they didn’t. Smoking doesn’t just harm one’s health, but it is also bothersome for the people sitting in the vicinity. To make people comfortable, people need to be considerate of their smoking habits or determine whether parties should ban cigarettes for good.

9. Dangerous for Animals Too

Your pets can be affected by secondhand smoke. The health risks can range from lung and breathing issues, seizures, cancer, or even death. Your pets have bigger noses and will breathe in more secondhand smoke and particles harmful to them.

8. Unwanted Litter

A cigarette butt on the ground
Cigarette butt on the ground

According to many environmentalists, millions of cigarette butts are found everywhere with no proper means to dispose of it. Only smokers can decide to toss those cigarette butts responsibly in the trash. Cigarette butts are found everywhere globally, on land, and even the deep in the ocean. So, to save the environment, cigarettes need to be banned permanently. With cigarettes out of the picture, the litter will reverse and eventually disappear.

7. Healthier Work Environment

Everyone deserves a chance to work in a healthier environment. It falls to the employer to ensure that his employees work in a safe environment. As of 2018, 26 states require a smoke-free workplace. To ensure all places are safe and smokefree, a ban on cigarettes is a must.

6. High Cost for Medical Care

Smoking doesn’t just cause the smoker to have cancer instantly. It grows inside and makes that individual fall sick over and over again. According to a report, more than $20 million was spent over the smoker’s treatment in the last ten years.

5. Increased Chances for Strokes

A medical expert looking at x rays
A medical expert looking at x rays

Smoking makes the blood thicker, blood clot, and increases the chances of a smoker getting a stroke. Isn’t it all the more reason why we should ban smoking? A product that can cause an individual to have cancer can also have various other horrendous side effects, including the chances of getting a stroke.

4. Weaker Immune System

Apart from all the diseases, this might be one of the most dangerous side effects of smoking. It weakens the immune system that will leave you vulnerable to all kinds of health attacks. According to research, seven in every ten individuals who smoked had a history of getting sick every ten days. They would either get flue or have a fever or go through dry cough for unknown reasons. The fact is that whenever they come across a viral disease, a smoker would get easily infected instantly. This is major because smoking causes the immune system to dysfunction, which then invites various invaders to cause distress to the human body.

3. Mental Health Problems

reasons why cigarettes should be banned a depressed man smoking a cigerette
reasons why cigarettes should be banned a depressed man smoking a cigarette

Last but not least, smoking is one of the main reasons for anxiety and insomnia—many people who now face metal problems ones smoked or still smoke. Smokers may smoke to fight a long stressful day, but that is only a temporary fix. Another step forward to making people better about themselves is through making smoking stop for good.

2. Secondhand Smoke is Dangerous

In the last 50 years, almost 20 million people have lost their lives to smoking. And another astounding fact is that 2.5 million of those deaths were victims of secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals and can cause dangerous health problems for infants and children. For adults, secondhand smoke can cause heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer. Smokers must understand those smoking cigarettes affects others as well.

1. Death Tolls Risking

A cancer patient laying on his death bed
A cancer patient laying on his death bed

For the longest time, we have seen people lose the battle of their lives to this destructive habit. In the last 50 years, more than 10 million people lost their lives to lung and liver cancer, which is by far the most reported cancer in the world among patients. There is no cure for cancer, and once lung or liver cancer is detected, it’s game over.

What Do You Think?

Banning cigarettes has always been a complicated debate. While some people call it their personal choice, others call it invading other’s right to breathe in a toxic-free environment. Keeping everything in perspective, here are all the reasons why cigarettes must be banned. We hope this article can shed some light on how dangerous smoking is and why we need to put an end to it.

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