20 Eye-opening Facts About Teacup Yorkies

These small, furry bundles of joy have some lesser-known facts about them.

There is no doubt about it! Teacup Yorkies is possibly the cutest dog breed in the entire world. They look exactly like cuddling little teddy bears that have been crossed with a cute little chihuahua. Their fur is fluffy and soft, and their eyes are so big and black. They are the perfect dog to carry around in a handbag. But besides being extra cute, Teacup Yorkies are actually fascinating dogs and we’ve compiled excellent facts about Teacup Yorkies.

The most important thing you must know about Teacup Yorkies is fragile little dogs with a myriad of health complications. With a little bit of tender love and care, they can be the perfect companion to those who are homebodies. With that said, here are facts about Teacup Yorkies that you probably didn’t know about.

1. There Is an Underground Teacup Yorkie Trade

Two Teacup Yorkies on a white background
Two Teacup Yorkies on a white background

Because you need a certificate to officially recognize a pure breed Teacup Yorkie, they can be quite expensive. Some people who do want a Teacup Yorkie but don’t have enough money a purebred one will try to find the same type of dog through more dubious ways and through unlicensed breeders.

2. Getting a Purebred Yorkie Certificates

If your family is considering bringing home a brand new, purebred, Teacup Yorkies, you can actually find registered breeders that provide you a certificate that will guarantee you have a purebred Yorkie.

3. Teacup Yorkies Have a Lot of Health Issues

Because of their tiny size and status as a pure breed, it is unfortunate that Teacup Yorkies are plagued with a lot of diseases and genetic conditions.

4. They’re Prone to Seizures

Small puppy in a cute outfit
Small puppy in a cute outfit

If a Teacup Yorkie has a hypoglycemic attack, they can become listless and lethargic. If their situation continues, they can also develop seizures. Because of the genetic hypoglycemia, the Teacup Yorkies are particularly prone to seizures. When they have a seizure, usually, their body stops moving, and their tongue hangs out of their mouth. There are various medications that you can give these dogs, so they don’t have to suffer from seizures in case they don’t eat well.

5. Genetically Weak

Because of their size, defenselessness, and their genetics that are prone to disease and troubled living, there is currently an online movement against the breeding and creation of Teacup Yorkie puppies. They argue that creating such a small dog with obvious genetic issues is immoral and only satisfies human aesthetics of cuteness. Contrary to the beliefs most people have, those against the breeding of teacup dogs do not advocate for the euthanization of current 11. Teacup Yorkies. They are against the creation of new Teacup Yorkie puppies. If the breeding of these dogs ends, then we will see all Teacup Yorkshire puppies pass away naturally within ten years.

6. Liver Issues

Little cute yorkshire terrier puppy stand on the white background
Little cute Yorkshire terrier puppy stand on the white background

Teacup Yorkshire dogs are prone to liver problems because they have a genetic birth defect where the major blood vessels in their body avoid connecting to the liver. This is different from other dogs where the major blood vessels run through the liver so the blood can be detoxed. To correct this, veterinarians put in liver shunts.

7. They’re Nervous Dogs

Because they are nervous dogs, they will not want to eat or drink too much until they finally feel comfortable in their new environment, which means that they can become dehydrated and lose weight. But not only that, lack of food and water can trigger their genetic hypoglycemia. All Teacup Yorkies have hypoglycemia, and it is important that they get enough food with each of their meals.

8. Small but Packs a Punch

4 weeks old Teacup Yorkie
4 weeks old Teacup Yorkie

Because of their small size, the average Yorkie weighs around only 4 lb. They are only able to reach this weight after they grow into adulthood.

9. Very Demanding

Because of how cute they are, Teacup Yorkies are very in demand, especially in big cities where living spaces and situations are cramped and expensive. The average cost of a Teacup Yorkie is around $1,500. For this price, Teacup Yorkie breeders can guarantee the purchaser that the dog will receive a purebred Yorkies.

10. Teacup Family

Teacup Yorkshire dogs are part of a larger family called The Teacup family. In this family, there are many miniature versions of other dogs. Some of the Teacup dogs are Maltese, a French poodle, Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Maltipoo, and Japanese Chin.

11. Careful Supervision Early On

A Teacup Yorkie owner needs to monitor how much their dog eats and drinks for the first month of adopting them. This is because Yorkies are very nervous in new environments and will not feel comfortable until they explore every area. This is particularly true if there are other dogs in their new home. Since all dogs and most cats are more significant than the Teacup Yorkies, expect them to hide often during their first few weeks in your home.

12. Teacup Yorkies Must Eat Constantly

Adorable Teacup Yorkshire pup in a small basket
Adorable Teacup Yorkshire pup in a small basket

If your Teacup Yorkie is under 2 lb in weight, you must feed them every 4 hours to prevent blood sugar drop and hypoglycemic seizures. The reason they have to eat every 4 hours is that their stomach is so small that they cannot eat large meals. But since they cannot eat large meals, they do not ingest enough food to go more than 4 hours without becoming tired or hungry.

13. Not Meant For Outside Life

Teacup Yorkshire puppies and adult dogs are not built to live outside. Because of their small stature, weak teeth, and low defensive skills, this is not a dog that should be left in the backyard like poodles and Terriers are. Yorkshire puppies should always be inside the home where they are safe from all predators. If they are outside, they need to be constantly supervised. And it is best if they remain on a leash.

14. eacup Yorkies Are Not Great Jumpers

Like other Yorkie dogs and poodles, Teacup Yorkies do not have the muscular strength to jump up on beds and chairs like regular dogs. If you have a Teacup Yorkie, you will need to buy them stairs so that they can get up on furniture.

15. Perfect For People That Have Low Energy

If you are someone who wants to go mountain hiking and biking with your dog, then the Teacup Yorkie is not for you! The Teacup Yorkie is happiest when it can sit in comfy doggy beds and play with small balls of yarn. This is one of the reasons why Teacup Yorkie owners carry them around in doggy travel bags instead of walking them. Since their legs are petite, they cannot walk or run quickly.

16. The Yorkie Has Quite the History

The history of the Teacup Yorkie begins with the history of the Yorkshire Terrier dog. They were first bred to help minors get rid of disease rodents. Because of their effectiveness due to their size, they also began to help farmers get rid of their own farmland rodents. Then, during the late 19th century, royalty and the rich wanted to have the cute fluffy dog beside them but did not want their dog to take up a lot of room. So they set their sights upon the Yorkshire Terrier. They would request breeders to make them smaller and hairier. These new types of Yorkshire Terrier would go on to be the first Teacup Yorkies. Although the Teacup Yorkie would not actually become popular until the last two decades.

17. Teacup Yorkie Has Below Average Lifespan

Teacup Yorkie running
Teacup Yorkie running

Teacup Yorkies have an average lifespan of 7 – 9 years, while an average dog has about 10 – 13 years. When it comes to life spans, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Teacup Yorkie have different ages that they live to on average. The Yorkshire Terrier can regularly live to about 15 years old, depending on their life and how well they were cared for. On the other hand, Teacup Yorkies do not share that lifespan, unfortunately.

18. Small Height

On average, a Yorkshire Terrier dog stands at around 8 to 9 inches in height when they are on all fours. This may seem small, but the Teacup Yorkie stands even lower. They stand at a height of 6 inches tall.

19. Favorite With Women Celebrities

Because Teacup Yorkies are small and easy to travel with, they are among the most popular dogs for celebrities to own. You often see stars, especially women, with Teacup Yorkies in their handbags. At the same time, they hit the outlet and luxury stores in New York and Los Angeles.

20. Big Things In Small Packages

The Teacup Yorkie is the embodiment of those saying big things come in small sizes. These miniature dogs have a ton of energy when it comes to chasing shadows and barking at strangers. Although they’re not strong enough to actually hurt anybody, that doesn’t stop them from trying! Their energy does burn out quickly since they are tiny dogs with tiny legs. So, once they take a nap and recharge their energy levels, they’ll be off rushing to the nearest window to bark at whoever they think is a threat!


The Teacup Yorkie is a great companion, but unfortunately, they need a patient and understanding owner to help them live and thrive in our human world. If anything, always remember that your Teacup Yorkies need to be fed every 4 hours until they hit around 2 lb. They can be trained like other dogs, but their Adhd-like attention span will have you praying to all the saints in the world for guidance and patience.

If you do want to Teacup Yorkie, even after reading this whole article, make sure to get a Yorkie that is from a shelter, not a breeder. The world of dog breeding is a sketchy one at Best in a nightmare at worst. Plus, many homeless dogs would love a home to call their own.

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