Top 10 Punishments For Kids

Which methods work best? Find out here.

When it comes to punishing kids, it is always challenging to find something that is not just meant to punish kids but will also teach him a lesson that will be fruitful for life. What is even harder is finding ten punishments that will work in their most effective way.

The problem is that most of the kids have constant to be disruptive and will keep on pushing their parent’s buttons for no reason whatsoever. Giving them a punishment can be an effective way to teach kids a lesson and to counteract their harmful and disruptive behavior. But you need to keep one thing in mind is not to get violent with kids or punish them in such a way that would make them rebellious. Punish them in such a way that their self-respect isn’t harmed, and they understand what they did was wrong and shouldn’t be done again.

We have compiled a list of top 10 punishments for kids that are proven to work. These punishments are as effective as you may want them to be, but that also depends on how you give them to your kids. Parenting is a trial and error process to find a punishment that will work best for your kid. Before we reveal the top 10 punishments for kids, here are a few ways through which you can make them useful and understandable.

  • The punishment should always be given by an adult whom the child shares a bond with
  • Use a single punishment frequently whenever your kid pushes your limits
  • Should be appropriate for your kid’s development
  • Should be recognized as fair by your kid
  • You should promote an element of future self-disciple

It is essential to make your child realize that when they behave poorly, there will be consequences and that they will be disciplined. Here are the top 10 punishments for kids you can use that are safe and effective to use.

1. Arrange house chores

a kid helping with house chores
A kid helping with house chores

Want to know what is the worst thing that kids dislike? Doing house chores. So, once they misbehave, you need to assign them to do housework. As suggested by many expert professionals with regards to child psychology, you can make them do some easy but developmental house chores, and you can even assign specific points to those chores.

So, in case they have been extremely disruptive, they will have to do more work, such as washing dishes or cleaning the table.

2. Eliminate screen time

Kids on the ipad
Kids on the iPad

We are all well aware that these days, kids are addicted to their iPads and iPhones. Therefore, one of the best and by far the most effective punishment you can give them is taking away their tech gadgets.

Whether it is their phone or a tablet, take it away from them for a certain amount of time and let them know if they misbehave again, you will take it away for an even more extended period.

3. Cancel group play dates

Another punishment that you can give them is to cancel their play date. Kids love hanging around their friends, and if you stop them from going because of something they did, they will better make sure not to do that ever again. A lot of parents have found this punishment to be the most effective one. We are sure if it’s given in the right way, your kid will stop with his disruptive behavior and understand how wrong that was.

4. Send them to bed early

A kid covering her face because of the bright lights
A kid covering her face because of the bright lights

According to research, kids misbehave and push their limits during holidays. So what you can do is send them to bed early. Kids enjoy sleeping late, so you need to take that privilege away for some time. This should stop them from misbehaving as they will not want to waste their vacations by going to sleep early in the evening.

5. Increase pet duties

A girl playing with her dog
A girl playing with her dog

If you have pets in your house, then this punishment is another solid idea. As much as your kid may enjoy cuddling and play with his furry friend, they do not like having to feed them, walk them around, pick up after them, or clean them at all. They would rather have you do all those things. So, make them clean out the pet’s food trays or hutch. You can also make them take their pet out for a stroll in the alleyway or the garden.

6. Time off group activities

If your kid is misbehaving, removing them from group activities such as swimming, birthday parties, or horse riding will be a sufficient punishment. Once they realize they are missing out on all the essential things, it will surely stop them from behaving disruptively.

7. Make them do homework

Homework can make most kids moan in agony, especially during vacations. So, make them complete their summer vacation work and make sure they at least do it for at least thirty minutes. Once they have to spend their time on spellings and sums, you will see a drastic change in their behavior.

8. Ask them to help you prepare dinner

A kid and woman making dinner
A kid and woman making dinner

Kids rarely help out in preparing dinner. If they misbehave, you can also make them help out in preparing dinner. This is a very efficient exercise as well in that they will learn a skill and help with some workload. Try this punishment, and this may ensure they don’t repeat bad behavior.

9. Make them do something rewarding

You can have help in community projects, games, or events. Schools are always looking for help in and out of class. If there are any donation events in the community, be sure to add them to the rooster. These events are not just rewarding but will also instill a sense of humbleness in them.

10. Keep them in their room

a bored kid looking out the window of his room
a bored kid looking out the window of his room

Placing misbehaving children in their room can be an effective method, but their room mustn’t have their TV or games in there. Think of it as a safe jail time because boredom with four walls will be the punishment itself. 

Making use of these ten punishments in a useful overall framework can cause drastic changes in your child’s behavior. These punishments will also enable you to be proactive in your parenting and keep your kids aware of their wicked deeds.

What do you think?

After reading all these punishment suggestions, what do you have to say about it? We would love to know your feedback on this. If you’re a parent and you have been facing your child’s childish tantrums for some time now, let us know how do you deal with it? What has worked out for you and what hasn’t?

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