Top 10 Reasons Why The Death Penalty is Bad

Over 70% of the countries in the world have abolished the death penalty. Here’s why.

Top 10 Reasons Why The Death Penalty is Bad

Ever since the death penalty was made, it has gathered a lot of opinions. Some were opposed to this kind of punishment, but some agreed. We cannot blame everyone for having their own views and their individual points of view. We cannot feel the pain of families sitting in court while mourning the death of a murdered family member, we cannot handle the anger of a parent losing their child to a serial killer, and even when the offender dies, the pain and rage will not die with them. In some cultures, the death penalty is openly embraced, but for some of us who still believe in humanity, this kind of punishment is frowned upon. Below are the top ten reasons why the death penalty is bad.

10. Life Imprisonment Without Parole Is a Better Option

A man in prison behind bars handcuffed
A man in prison behind bars handcuffed

Killing an offender is not justice, but an easy way out. When you think about it, they should be suffering and wasting their lives in jail instead of ending their lives and giving them rest, right? That is the better option, especially if they have multiple counts of unthinkable crimes.

9. The Mentally Ill Are Not Saved

Some commit crimes because they are mentally ill. We can never blame them for their actions because their minds are unstable, and they have no idea what they are doing, and they cannot defend themselves in front of the jury for they are not capable of defending themselves. Many have been at the receiving end of the death penalty, and it is an unjust and unfair situation for the mentally unstable people.

8. Almost Every Religion Goes Against Capital Punishment

Religious group protesting outside against the death penalty
Religious group protesting outside against the death penalty

Some of the Bible’s passages support the death penalty, but almost all other religious groups oppose it. Most religions believe that only God can create a life, so He is the only one to end a life. In most religions, it is only God’s judgment to decide when a person dies.

7. There Is a Better Way to Serve Justice That the Victim’s Family Deserves

Again, the death penalty just stops the criminal’s agony. Instead of having a hard time in prison, reflecting about the crimes they have done, and being given a second chance, their lives will just end in an instant without any repentance. This will not help the grieving family. They will not have enough time to see the criminal suffer, and they will never get even.

6. Discrimination or Racial Bias Is Making Things Worse

Black protesters during a movement
Black protesters during a movement

In studies spanning over 30 years, race plays an essential factor in death penalty cases. All around the world, discrimination affects lives. It is because of biases and prejudices that influence who is determined to be sentenced to death. This has become a global issue, especially in America, during the Black Lives or other on-going movements. In America, the United States justice system falls heavily upon communities of color.

5. Taxpayers Pay for the Death Penalty

Would you want to work and your tax to just go in implementing the death penalty? Are there other ways to use your tax that will also benefit you in the end? Just for Pennsylvania alone, the death penalty costs estimated at $350 million over a period in which the state has carried out just three executions. The cost is high due to legal cost, pre-trial costs, jury selection, trial, incarceration, appeals, and time. This cost could be better used and redirected back into the state and communities for the greater good.

4. We Have a Weak Quality Defense System

A group of protestors in support of and its cause
A group of protestors in support of and its cause

Not all those who take the stand are guilty. Some have strong evidence that could point out someone innocent and have the proper connections to convict an innocent person. The justice system can be bents, and it will be a long battle for the innocent, if he or she ever gets out. This is unfair, and if sentenced to death, their lives are no longer essential, and even when they are found innocent, their lives would never return again.

3. The Death Penalty Does Nothing to Lower Crime Rates in the Country

A study once showed that a city with no death penalty has a lower percentage of crime than cities where the death penalty is practiced. It is always how the government and the citizens work hand in hand to eliminate corruption, not what punishment awaits them when criminals are caught. Death penalty or no death penalty, a criminal will not be swayed from what he wants to do.

2. The Death Penalty Can Put an Innocent Life to Death

Protestors against the death penalty.
Protestors against the death penalty.

In some cases, the jury will falsely accuse an innocent person because there can be evidence pointing at them, but the intentions are not. Justice is never fair, and if there is the death penalty and the accused was put to sleep and then uncovered that the accused is innocent, how will they take back the life they took? They will bring this mistake to their deathbeds, and it can significantly affect their futures.

1. As a State, We Are Also Killing These People

We are a united country, and whatever the government does is also blood on our hands. Would you be part of killing an offender? Will you be responsible for taking a life? No. we can be accountable for fair justice rather than killing because it seems right at the moment.


Taking a life is forever. We could always stop this and find more humane punishments. Why are we so different from the convicted if we decide to take their lives? This world should be fair. We give penalties to the ones who deserve them, and we should see to it that they will have a hard time, not an easy exit to rest in the ground. What do you think about these reasons why the death penalty is bad? Please let us know by commenting.

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BIg PP Man
2 years ago

Guess on who’s money this monster live to suffer, it isn’t the criminal’s money