Tantalizing Top 10 Sexual Fantasies for Men

What’s in the mind’s of men? Find out here!

Tantalizing Top 10 Sexual Fantasies for Men 2020

Men have a vast imagination when it comes to sex. Thinking about sexual fantasies stir things up from under there, and to most men, these will stay as fantasies only to be relived in their heads. These fantasies are often kept secret, as a society can deem it unnatural or forbidden. Some men will ask their partners to act upon their fantasies, and if they are lucky enough, they may be able to experience those. So what are men’s top sexual fantasies? Let us discuss and take a peek into the man’s head with the top 10 sexual fantasies for men.

10. Women With a Lot of Experience in Bed

Portrait of a sexy mature woman smiling
Portrait of a sexy mature woman smiling

Isn’t it nice that for once a woman leads in the bedroom? Some men want to experience an older, experienced woman that can do things a less experienced person probably can’t do. They want a woman who is as sexual, or more, as he is and is down for anything and have tried everything in bed. It can be a great sexual experience for men to have sex with a woman who has ‘been around the block.’

Also, women who have more experience in the bedroom are great at pleasing their men. They know exactly how to touch a man and send electricity down through his body, and it gives a man a sense of satisfaction when he knows that a woman can do this.

9. Women Who Are Virgins

Top view ripe juicy grapefruit symbolizing virginity
Top view ripe juicy grapefruit symbolizing virginity

There’s this fantasy that having sex with a virgin woman can be one of a man’s best sexual fantasies. It may make them feel empowered that they are the ones to pop’s the woman’s cherry. It can be arousing to men to think that nobody else has touched that body. This is a power play amongst men, and the one who wins has bragging rights. Some men may even wear this as a badge of power and may also tell his best friends about it for status.

8. Unreachable Women

An attractive mature business woman looking at her phone
An attractive mature businesswoman looking at her phone

These women are the bosses, the managers, the professionals who look polished and snobby and ignore men who have a lower social standing than them. It feels so good to get a woman that has high standards and seem impossible to please; that is why most men fantasize about these women. Also, women who tend to be busier and look like they have no time for sex is what men want to get. We all have that nature that getting what seems impossible gives us such a good feeling, and this is what it feels like to men with this kind of fantasy.

7. Voyeurism

A man looking on his computer
A man looking on his computer

Fantasizing about watching people having sex or watching you have sex can be a massive turn-on for many men. It may be watching from afar or watching close by and joining when things are already heated; this fantasy is delightful for men. Voyeurism can also be about hearing others engage in sexual acts, or even being told about other people’s sexual experiences. Another way a man can tap into voyeurism is by watching himself in the mirror or camera while having sex.

6. Sex in the Great Outdoors

A couple kissing in a lake
A couple kissing in a lake

Men who are drawn to nature will frequently fantasize about having sex on the beach or while out camping with his girlfriend or wife. The thought of having sex in this type of environment brings out the primal sensation of men.

5. Two Women Having Sex

Two lesbians in bed under cover
Two lesbians in bed undercover

The idea of two women having sex in front of them can arouse them. Men are curious about lesbian sex and are turned on by the thought that this act is forbidden yet hot. Bringing another woman to make out with their partner and joining afterward can make a man go wild.

4. Domination

A man dominating a woman
A man dominating a woman

Men love dominance; it’s in their nature. They want to take charge in the real world, but sometimes they cannot fully take charge, so instead, they look for this inside the bedroom. But to some people, dominance is taboo. Most people will not entertain the idea of dominance because, in some societies, the act of doing this will be looked down upon. Anything that community will don’t like will be attractive to some men.

3. Submission

A submissive man crawling towards the dominate woman
A submissive man crawling towards the dominate woman

There is domination; then, there is submission. There are a few men out there who are submissive in bed. This act seems to take the guilt out of their heads because of this social norm. The norm is men should always dominate anywhere they go. They are perceived as presidents, CEOs, and managers who are dominating roles in society. But men are also shy to admit about their submissive fantasies and would instead seek out another person to fulfill this fantasy rather than being honest with their partners.

2. Public Sex

Two hands pressed in a steamy car window
Two hands pressed in a steamy car window

Having sex in public can get your adrenaline flowing. The thought of almost getting caught in the act is exciting, and most men want to experience this for fun. Even getting caught in the act can be just as pleasurable. There are many places that men can think of, and public transportation such as a bus, train, or airplane are only a few. Having sex on a plane while in the air will place you in the Mile High Club, and that is one go-to public sex scene a man would love to do. Another place would be instead an elevator, or on top of a car. Take a look outside and get imaginative!

1. Threesomes or Group sex

Excited young women covering part of their faces with white blanket
Excited young women covering part of their faces with a white blanket

This fantasy ranks number one out of the top 10 sexual fantasies for men because it’s a common one all men share. 99.99% of men will want this type of fantasy to come true even if they tell you they wouldn’t dare have it. It’s the ultimate sexual act because having two women at once is a rare feat amongst common men and those that do achieve this, are held as a man that’s suave with the ladies. This act is one of the highest achievements a man can brag to his fellow men.

Group sex is also not common and not many are willing to go the distance. But for some that venture far into the world of group sex, it can be a fulfilling and wonderful fantasy for both men and women alike. Your partner or spouse may also hate the idea of sharing yourself with others which makes this fantasy challenging to achieve.

What Do You Think?

Did we miss any fantasies not covered in this list? What do you think about our top 10 sexual fantasies for men? Comment below some of your favorites or past experiences. We’d love to hear them!

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