Top 10 Drinking Card Games

Games that are played during a drinking session can be amazing and fun when you want to break the ice and perhaps get out of awkward social situations. For instance, when you are amidst individuals who do not know each other very well and are therefore feeling estranged and uncomfortable with each other, this game will achieve much. By picking a card game or even more than just one card game and engaging these people in that activity, within no time, you will have already achieved a room full of friends and companions. There are multiple drinking card games that once you play them; you will want to use that game as your every night engagement with your buddies. Among the top 10 most fun to play drinking games include but are not limited to the following.

1. Kings

Kings stand as one of the most popular drinking card games of all time. It is played in a social atmosphere as a drinking game with the player’s actions and the drinks being associated with the face-down card, which the individual players each select in a random sense when it is their turn to play. In this game, the player is expected to take and issue drinks based on the cards that have been drawn. For each car, there is a rule, which is established in advance prior to the starting of the game. More often than not, individual players get to establish the rules of the game, each with their distinctiveness.

2. F*** the Dealer

F*** the dealer is another remarkable card drinking game that can be considered a classic. It is one of the most fun games to play for both parties involved including the dealer as well as all the other players. For when guessing is concerned as is the rule for this very interesting game, when the player who is on the turn to do the selecting of the cards, selecting the right card at the right time is important. However, selecting the wrong cards in an uninterrupted sequence makes it so that the dealer or the other player will have to drink. In this game, when it comes to playing, players sit around a table, and each one of them chooses a card that is facing down. It then follows that the person who picks the least amount of cards gets to begin as the first dealer. For this reason, no cards need to be dealt with prior to the beginning of the game.

3. Spoons

Another very fun to engage in the drinking card game is called spoon and involves the passing of cards one after the other but with a fast pace from one player to the other. The game only stops when one player has 4 of the same kind, an action that prompts every player involved in that particular game to rush a get a spoon for themselves. The main difference that sets this particular game apart from the others is the fact that here, the cards have to be passed from one player to the next at a fast pace. In playing this game, the spoons are placed on the table the cards are shuffled well and dealt out. Every one of the players chooses their cards, and then the dealer calls “pass!” At this point, every player takes a single card from their hand and passes it to the left, and the dealer finally calls or shouts “pass right.”

4. A******

Assuming the name, this drinking card game is amazing. It is a very popular and most played game. However, A****** is very complex and manifests a very competitive experience on a turn-based card. In this game, it is imperative to note that for anyone player at any given time, their position during each round provides that an initial pre-game advantage or disadvantage. At this point, positions are won when either one of the players becomes the first one to get rid of their cards. This game is the same as playing hearts and bridges game. In playing the A****** drinking card game, the players aim at each being the first one to empty their hands. The first person to do this gets to be the president in the following round whereas the last person to empty their hand becomes the a******.

5. Bullshit

Bullshit is also another incredible drinking card game that involves a similar concept as some of the other drinking card games. In this game, the goal is to get rid of your cards faster than anyone else playing the game gets. In doing so, you will have beat them face down while at the same time sparing yourself from having to be called out on a lie. This game is also called the cheat and is all about calling people out if you think they are bullshitting you. In any instance where the victim calls “bullshit” the player is expected to reveal the card in their possession.

6. Pyramid (Card)

Also, an incredible game, Pyramid is a drinking card game only a bit different. In this game, the situation or strategy is such that the players have to think a little bit more. The pyramid drinking card game requires less skill than the alternative coin version, which is still a pyramid drinking card game. When playing this game, participants are expected to take into the memory their dealt cards, and drinks are issued based on the similarity and matching of their cards to the pyramid card after flipping. The game is also referred to as beeramid and requires a single standard deck of playing cards. Some people also call it the bullshit pyramid. In playing, turn over the bottom, left card. If the player wants it so, they may tell another player to drink a sip if they have a card with a similar face value in their hand and places it on the card that is flipped over. As an alternative, the player can also bluff and pretend to have the card under consideration.

7. Electricity

The electricity drinking card game is also a very interesting game that can make big for a social occasion. Socially, it makes it that there will be a very playful interaction that exists between individual players. This is enabled because of the fact that individual participants can dictate how much the people around them in a situational sense based on the cards that are dealt randomly by the person dealing the cards to individual players. The game constitutes of 3 to 6 people. Here all the cards are dealt out as evenly as possible between individual players. The player that is on the right takes out a card, which is followed by a card from the other player next to them. In the event that there is a match in their cards, people have to drink the number of seconds that the card shows.

8. Indian Poker

Many people do not know how to play this game but only engage in it with half-baked rules and knowledge, an attribute that makes them do the wrong thing all along. In the Indian poker card game, players get to experience a very simple but fun experience. To some degree, this game is best suited to be played while the players are already drunk. This is because it requires a little amount of logic and holds the potential to maximize the buzz for the individual players because of the short nature of the individual rounds. The rules in this game are meant to dictate that the player with the highest card is the one with an ace. The round goes on as soon as the player that is seated on the dealer’s left decides to initiate fold. For this reason, the player that holds the highest number of cards is considered the winner of that round.

9. Circle of Death

The circle of death is another amazing drinking card game. To some extent, this game is similar to the king’s game in the sense that individual players draw one card for each turn and perform actions based on the card or the color that has been drawn.

10. Give and Take

Also, a drinking card game is the Give and Take game that many people love to play. In Give and take a drinking card game, the players use cards in their efforts to imitate a game of truth or dare. This is achieved by the randomization of turns and offering individual players the option to go for either truth or dare or drinking their alcohol.


Playing card games can be a great way for people to have fun once they meet up after work or when they want to unwind. The above games are fun and engaging, and they will ensure that you get to interact on a new level with your friends. You do not have to drink the old-fashioned way anymore. These games will spruce up your drinking from the old boring norm.

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