8 Weird Children’s Names That Really Do Exist

Why do these names even exist?

When it comes to weird names, most people can say they’ve run into a few in their lifetimes and some of the names might be foreign. But these eight names may top the cake. Some of these are from celebrity parents and some of these are just completely odd. Check out the list of weird children’s names below and prepare to scratch your head.

  1. Abcde (ab-sid-ee)
    Meaning/Origin: Created from the first five letters of the English alphabet, re-pronounced in the style of a girl’s name.
    There are probably 400 people with this name.
  2. Ahmiracle (ah mir-uh-kuh l)
    Meaning/Origin: An effect or extraordinary event.
    Why not just name your kid Miracle without the extra ‘ah’?
  3. Blanket (blang-kit)
    Meaning/Origin: Michael Jackson famously nick-named his son Blanket and well, it stuck. His son’s real name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson 2.
  4. Britney Shakira Beyoncé (brih-tuh-nee shu-keer-uh bee-yawn-say)
    Meaning/Origin: Three popular singers and performers.
    Yes, you read right. This name was given to a baby girl from her mother that loved those three singers. And yes, she says that exact name every time to her child.
  5. Dartha (dar-tha)
    Meaning/Origin: Unknown
    This name was first used in 1929. In 1937, it was used for five baby girls. 1 in 197,059 baby girls was used for this name making it pretty unique.
  6. Facebook (fas-buk)
    Meaning/Origin: A social network created by Mark Zuckerberg.
    In Egypt, Jamal Ibrahim named his baby girl Facebook. He did this to honor Facebook for helping the people get rid of President Hosni Mubarak.
  7. Hashtag (hash-tag)
    Meaning/Origin: Pound sign
    In 2012, a mother reportedly named her baby girl Hashtag. This mother apparently loves social media and couldn’t resist.
  8. Orgasm (or-ga-zem)
    Meaning/Origin: You know…
    Shocking and vulgar, a poor kid out there has to spend his/her with this name.

Have any weird names we missed? Comment them below!

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