10 Lip-Smacking Kissing Facts

The word kiss originates from the word ‘cyssan’ which means ‘touching with lips’ sometime in the 1300s. It defines the way in which two persons meet with each other lovingly by touching the lips.

Kissing is a way of expressing love and affection and signifies a strong bond between the two people. It is considered a magical experience of one’s life and represents so many things depending on its nature. It is a result of emotions when we are overwhelmed by something. Kissing someone could be loving, expressing social behavior, a sign of excitement which two persons share with each other. There is the great significance of kiss as it is a way of showing the desire, intimacy and how much one adore the other person. A kiss is a significant part of any relationship.

Every year, July 6th is celebrated as the International Kissing Day. In Europe, it is an etiquette to kiss family and friends on both the cheeks during the time of greeting. A Thai couple named Laksana and Ekkachai Tiranarat held a world record of longest kiss which lasted for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. On a similar note, the French kiss is very famous and has its own significance as along with the lips, the tongue also comes into play. The French people call it a ‘soul kiss’ as when two souls are merged when tongue kiss is done suitably.

Parents often kiss on the forehead and cheeks of their children and adults do so to express their love or intimacy. While many people are already aware of the benefits of kissing, few people are unaware of its health benefits and the amazing facts behind it. Whether one is kissing someone whom he/she loves or as a token of good luck, one might know the realities behind it. We are shedding light on 10 kissing facts which will not only motivate one to kiss but also spread love.

1. Increases Dopamine level

A man kissing a woman's forehead
A man kissing a woman’s forehead

When someone experiences the act of kissing with his partner for the first time, dopamine wishes to need more of such kind. Dopamine is an organic chemical present in the human body that functions as a neurotransmitter. Besides, it also prompts sleep disorder, loss of appetite and a rise in energy level. However, if one is maintaining a long-term relationship, then the level of dopamine decreases gradually. It is oxytocin that sustains the love in the relationship due to its connection to feelings.

2. Prevents Cavities

Portrait of black woman with a big smile
Portrait of black woman with a big smile

The flow of saliva is significantly enriched while kissing. It cleans the particles of food from and between the teeth and protects the tooth coating as well. The process also avoids the cavity by increasing the production of saliva.

3. Burns Calories

Wife kissing husband on bed
Wife kissing husband on the bed

Most of the people are more inclined towards joining fitness programs. Now they don’t have to work out for a longer period. Metabolism rate is enhanced by kissing which initiates one’s body to burn calories. The burning of calories entirely depends on the duration of the kiss. Around 2-26 calories are cut depending on the nature and duration of kissing. One can even add or increase a few years of his/her life if he/she is practicing kissing on a regular basis.

4. Makes Heart Beat Quicker and Forces More Oxygen to the Brain

A woman puckering her lips
A woman puckering her lips

When an act of kissing is performed, the brain sends a signal to the adrenal gland which releases hormones, such as adrenaline, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. These hormones flow through the blood and stimulate the heart to beat faster and increase the flow of blood to the brain. The release of adrenaline hormone eases the feeling of pain and endorphins enhances the feeling of happiness and emotions in one’s body, thus making him feel safe and secure in those hands whom he/she loves the most.

5. Reduces Blood Pressure and Improves Cholesterol Levels

Guy and girl kissing under an umbrella
Guy and girl kissing under an umbrella

When someone kisses the loved ones, then there is a feeling of joy and happiness throughout one’s body. It leads to the expansion of blood vessels, thereby decreasing the level of blood pressure. This clearly shows that kissing is good for the heart.

As per the study conducted in 2006 shown that the partners who increased the occurrence of kissing found that their total serum cholesterol has been improved. It is very important to keep the cholesterol level normal in order to avoid several risks of diseases, such as heart and brain hemorrhage.

6. Tones Several Muscles

Man and woman kissing
Man and woman kissing

Most people spend a huge amount of money on tightening up their abbs or slimming down of thighs but at the same time, they should also think of doing exercise of facial muscles. As one grows, muscle elasticity is lost and one starts to develop a double chin.

When someone is kissing his/her friend, partner or a loving one, around 112 postural and

34 facial muscles are used which is quite a workout. Collagen production is increased while working out facial muscles which provide tender and younger-looking skin.

7. Relieves Stress and Reduces Anxiety

Man kissing a woman on her forehead
Man kissing a woman on her forehead

In today’s times, everybody is suffering from stress in one or the other way. Working people are overburdened with busy work schedules and kids with a lot of extracurricular activities. Therefore, kissing is a good idea to overcome stress and relax after a hard day.

When the level of cortisol is increased in the human body, it negatively impacts the brain and hits the immune system. The act of kissing enhances the feeling of joy and happiness and gives rise to relaxation. This ultimately keeps the stress hormone in check.

According to a research study conducted in 2016 revealed that the people having high cortisol rates were dissatisfied with their physical appearance. Kissing also lessens cramps and headaches.

8. Causes Eye-Pupil to Dilate

Woman lips blowing a kiss
Woman lips blowing a kiss

When someone kisses his/her partner, then there is some sort of excitement which leads to the nervous system to respond automatically which, in turn, enlarges pupils. It happens because the nervous system enables the light to enter through the eyes and makes the same more delicate. Hence, one closes his eyes during the time of kissing.

9. Shields Against Allergies

Woman kissing another woman on her cheek
Woman kissing another woman on her cheek

During the process of kissing someone, lips are often locked which can exchange 300 types of bacteria with your loved one. Such kind of living bacteria in one’s and loved one’s body will help in fighting infections in a better way and also provide a kind of shield against allergies, especially during the time of spreading of flu.

10. Eases Headaches and Cramps

Woman and man kissing while its snowing
Woman and man kissing while its snowing

Usually, most of the women suffer from cramps and headaches during their menstrual cycle. They often take medicines to suppress the pain and hot fermentation but all these measures often do not work in the long run. Kissing helps in the expansion of the blood vessels which eases the cramps and headache and provides a sigh of relief.


Kissing can signify passion, an apology, a greeting or a sweet gesture. In romantic relationships, one can connect deeply with his/her partner and create a strong bond only with the art of kissing which reduces stress, enhances faith in each other. It does not matter much about the kind of kiss, but a simple smooch can do miracles.

Kissing can increase the probability of life as one study has found that those men who used to kiss their wives before leaving for office during morning hours live longer up to five years.  The study did not found any evidence for women in this regard. However, they wait for their husbands to return home after office which gives them the feeling of needing more. This has its own health benefits.

When a person is asked about memorable reminisces of his life, he/she will often refer to the first kiss, the most detailed summary which they have. Normally a first kiss is the originating of a relationship and a one step forward, hence do not think much about it rather focus on maintaining it. There are no lessons or classes for kissing. One learns it on his/her own with the art of practicing and it is not at all difficult. Kissing is the most romantic thing which sparks flying butterflies in one’s stomach. Kissing a beloved one conveys a sense of comfort and joy which one feels while doing yoga or meditation.

There is one question which generally comes to parents mind and becomes a topic of controversial debate that whether they kiss their children on lips to show affection. This practice is rampant in some cultures and not in others. Some argue that if one is grown up in culture by kissing his/her own parents, family members, and elders on the lips, then what is the harm and big deal in kissing their children on the lips. It becomes unfamiliar and odd when the children are not brought up in such kind of culture. However, it entirely depends on the discretion of persons involved in the process of kissing. A kiss is always distinct and vibrantly bagged by one’s heart, creating a desire for more of it irrespective of how old one becomes.

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