Top 10 Most Dangerous Places to Travel

Do You Dare To Go There?

Top 10 Most Dangerous Places to Travel

Traveling to a different country can be a fun and exciting adventure, but travelers should take caution as danger can lurk anywhere, and more especially so in certain locations. Dangers can come in many forms, and it is important to always keep your head in a swivel when going to unfamiliar places. Here are our top ten most dangerous places to travel where you must be aware of your surroundings and any potential dangers at all times because your life may depend on it.

10. India

Top 10 Most Dangerous Places to Travel - India

India is a great place to visit especially if you want to immerse yourself in a different kind of culture, but know that there are multiple dangers that cannot be seen by the naked eye. While the usual incidences of thefts or scams are present, it is actually your health and well-being that you should take care of. Due to the absence of quality medical facilities as well as pollution and other factors, especially in the slum areas, you may be susceptible to diseases and infections that can come from food or water sources as well as those that may be airborne. Diseases transmitted by insect bites like mosquitoes may also be prevalent.

9. North Korea

Top 10 Most Dangerous Places to Travel - North Korea

North Korea is completely different from the southern counterpart. You may be detained and punished for even the most mundane of offenses. This communist country does not offer its citizens nor tourists the right to privacy, and all your moves will be closely monitored throughout your stay. Simple words and actions may be considered as crimes against the country, and even taking photographs or videos in certain locations or of people can get you arrested. It is recommended that you read through all of the country’s rules before traveling to North Korea. Better yet, travel somewhere else.

8. Philippines

The streets of the Philippines with a lot of people
The streets of the Philippines with a lot of people

While known for its beaches and hospitable locals, the Philippines can be a dangerous place to go to. The capital of the country, Manila, is known for rampant crimes such as pickpocketing and muggings. Also, while the Philippines is a place where certain luxuries come cheap, the country is now in the midst of a drug war where unsanctioned and extrajudicial killings do occur. Certain regions in the Mindanao area, on the other hand, are currently inhabited by terrorist groups. Bombings, kidnappings, and religious attacks occur on a regular basis on the latter.

7. Mexico

Protests in the streets of Mexico
Protests in the streets of Mexico

Mexico is home to numerous drug cartels and crime groups, and it can really get easy to become a victim or find yourself in the middle of a gang war in certain areas of the country. You will also not be safe from robberies and kidnapping, which are sometimes even done in public and in the middle of the day. Sadly, the police force in the country is also known to be corrupt. The best way to keep safe is to stay within the tourist areas where security is tighter and where you can find relative safety in numbers.

6. Brazil

Top 10 Most Dangerous Places to Travel - Brazil

Brazil is the home of beautiful beaches and picturesque shores. Unfortunately, it is also home to the Zika virus, a mosquito-borne disease that is especially dangerous to pregnant women. The country also ranks high when it comes to crime rates, and this is further exacerbated by political tensions resulting in demonstrations and violent dispersals. The police are ineffective in controlling crimes and unrest in the country, so always exercise causing whenever you intend to travel to Brazil.

5. Turkey

Top 10 Most Dangerous Places to Travel - Turkey

This Middle Eastern country is currently a dangerous place to travel to due to numerous bombings occurring within Turkey in recent months. These attacks are perpetrated by terrorist groups and tourist areas are being targeted. Syria and Israel are found to the South of Turkey, and these are countries with their own dangers as well. It is recommended that you stay within the capital, to never go off alone, and to never show off your wealth in public during your stay in the country.

4. Venezuela

Top 10 Most Dangerous Places to Travel - Venezuela

Venezuela currently ranks high in multiple lists for the worst countries to visit. Corruption is quite rampant, and it is one of the countries with the highest murder rates. The police force cannot control criminal activities within the country, so you really have to take extra precautions when traveling to Venezuela. You should never travel alone and show off signs of affluence such as jewelry, rolls of cash, big purchases, or expensive gadgets.

3. Russia

Russian people protesting in the streets
Russian people protesting in the streets

Going to Russia is a great way to appreciate architecture and the arts. While the country is much friendlier now to tourists, there are still some areas that you must be wary of. Gangs are still prevalent in some outskirts, with the police doing little to solve these problems. People, in general, would be indifferent to as long as you adhere to social norms. Sadly, prejudice and homophobia are still present here, so exercise caution especially if you are part of a minority.

2. South Africa

Top 10 Most Dangerous Places to Travel - South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa is ranked one of the most dangerous cities in Africa in a 2018 study. Next to Tijuana, Mexico, this city has a lot of violence and murders. On an average weekend, there are can anywhere from 20 shootings and stabbings. Some of these deaths belong to tourists. The government has placed troops in the city to help curb the violence but that it remains to be seen if that has helped.

1. Kenya

Kenya police men walking the streets
Kenya policemen walking the streets

Kenya and the surrounding locations must be avoided due to terrorist attacks as well as kidnapping, the latter of which targets tourists. These areas are also known for poor sanitary conditions that breed some deadly diseases. Being ill in this country is not advised due to poor medical facilities available. To be safe, bring your own drinking water and stay within sight of uniformed personnel. Better yet, avoid traveling here unless absolutely necessary.

While it is still possible to have fun and be safe when traveling to these locations, extra caution and awareness are necessary. Of course, taking additional precautions and focusing on safety and security is integral wherever you may go. Danger lurks in every corner, even in the safest places, and accidents and deaths can come in many shapes, sources, or forms. However, that should not stop you from traveling and having fun.

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