10 Weird Types of Teas You Didn’t Know Existed

10 Weird Types of Teas You Didn’t Know Existed

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The types of teas you drink depends on it’s purpose and usually it’s for health reasons or for a caffeine fix. Teas are offered in a variety of types. These types range from sweet to bitter, and everything in between. As the number of tea drinkers increasing in numbers, there have been many different variations of teas hitting the market. Many of these teas are becoming favorites of tea drinkers, while others are considered a weird tea. Here are 10 types of teas that’s bizarre or strange in a list we’ve compiled. So fill up your cup with us and take a sip.

1. Blue Tea

Blue Tea

What makes this tea odd to many people is the blue color that you get when you brew these leaves. The reason for the color is simple…it is made from dried butterfly pea flowers that are found in Thailand. The taste is flowery, which many people offset with a dash of lemon, which many says turns the tea purple.

2. Purple Beauty Tea

Purple Beauty Tea

This tea is made from a new mutant varietal that was discovered. The leaves and buds on the plant are purple in color, giving this tea its name. This is one tea that you either love or hate. The tea has a very floral taste to it, which is not uncommon with teas. However, this tea is often categorized as being too floral. However, it is an expensive tea that all tea drinkers should try at least once.

3. Tomato Mint Tea

Numi Savory Tea - Tomato Mint Tea

This tea is almost like drinking a soup in a teacup, however, it is classified as a savory tea. With the tomato being the main taste component, the mint adds just a nip of weirdness to the mix.

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4. Labrador Tea

Labrador Tea

One of the first things noticed about this tea is the name, after all it is named after a very popular breed of dog in the United States. However, this tea is brewed from an evergreen shrub that is found in North America. While it may be a weird name, it has an abundance of health benefits such as treating colds, hangovers, problems with the kidney or liver, as well as helping with headaches. The tea is rich in Vitamin C. The taste is spicy, with a very earthy aroma. However, be careful with this tea. Too much of this and it can cause indigestion and vomiting.

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5. Reishi Mushroom Tea

Reishi Mushroom Tea

This tea was designed to be medicinal when it is drank. It has a super number of antioxidants in it to give numerous nutritional benefits to the drinker. Taste wise, it is very strong. Many people seep this tea with others to make for a better taste.

6. Comfrey Tea

Comfrey Tea

While there are many teas out there that are packaged to help sell them to offer comfort, most people do not realize that Comfrey Tea was probably the first tea that really offers these calming benefits. This is made from a yin herb in China that has been used for years to help calm the body. It has even been shown to help with the health of the skin!

7. Maple Tea

Maple Tea

This tea is for those who love the taste of maple, as this is the dominating flavor tasted in this tea. It is a black tea that has a strong maple taste to it, so much so that it does not require more sugar to make sweet. This was created in Canada, but has recently started to make the rounds in other areas of the world for its unique taste!

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8. Sparkling Tea

Sparkling Tea

This type of tea is just a spin on some of your beloved tea flavors out there. The only difference is that companies are adding in carbonation to make these teas bubble. For many tea drinkers, this is too far out there. However, others have given it a try and find it to be a different way to drink tea.

9. Cloudberry Tea


If you were to go to Scandinavia, you would find that Cloudberry Tea is normal. However, in most other areas of the world, this has not been heard of. The Cloudberry has a very soft taste, a unique smell and adds a very different aftertaste to the tea.

10. Blooming Tea

Blooming Flower Tea in Glass Teapot

It is the beauty of this tea that makes is weird for many people. This tea is made from green or white tea, but the leaves are wrapped in several layers, then put into the cup to unfurl later, as though the tea is blooming. The taste of this tea varies, per whatever leaves are being used.

Are there any types of teas missing? What’s your favorite type? Add a comment below.

10 Weird Types of Teas You Didn’t Know Existed
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10 Weird Types of Teas You Didn’t Know Existed
Here are 10 types of teas that's bizarre or strange in a list we've compiled. So fill up your cup with us and take a sip.
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